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Investment Q&A

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Q: I have some XSB. Could recommend a similar short term corporate bond


Read Answer Asked by Roy on February 28, 2022

Q: I read your article about the correlation between stocks and bonds and it made me wonder whether this was a good or not so good time to purchase them? I read a little more in another article and it said that in the same historical instances, bonds have tended to do well after. Would you agree with this?
I only have room in my margin account so would CVD, CPD, and HAB be giving me interest as apposed to Dividends so there are tax implications?

Read Answer Asked by Pat on August 26, 2021

Q: What are the best bond etfs to own in Canada and US in your opinion? Please provide several options in both countries. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by Mirjana on October 14, 2020

Q: Inspired by the news of Carnival putting out a 12.5% bond coupon, I wonder if this is an area to look into. Carnival may be a risky corporate bond, but I wonder if there are stronger companies caught in debt when the fall came that are offering good returns.

In short, is there an ETF which is focussed on high-grade corporate bonds and is this a good strategy?

I know you are not favourable toward the bond market, so is low-volatility equity funds (like ZLB) a good alternative?

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on April 08, 2020

Q: Hi 5i team,
Among the 'actively managed' bond ETFs , what are your top picks and why for Canadian bonds, for US bonds and for Int'l bonds. Would prefer canadian listed if available. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Willie on September 04, 2019

Q: Hi There,
I am interested in purchasing an active fixed income ETF.
Can you help list what you believe are top tier fixed income sub-advisors/managers/companies in Canada that I should consider.
[eg Marrett, PHN, Leith Wheeler, Fiera etc?]
Could you also list some active fixed income ETF's that one might want to consider adding that you believe are worth the MER.

Read Answer Asked by Ian on February 01, 2019

Q: Hello 5i - If we have fewer interest rate hikes going forward, or as some expect, 2019 may bring a recession, what could be the effect on bond fund ETFs such as ZAG, VAB or HAB for example? If investors have reduced equity exposure (to reduce risk) and increased "bond investments", are they in for an unpleasant surprise? Thanks, Ron

Read Answer Asked by RON on December 18, 2018

Q: ..HFR is beginning to slide, what do you think about moving out of it and into the above ETF's. in your view, what is the best bond ETF mix to be in for the next 6-12 months. thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on November 23, 2018

Q: Hi: I am listening to all the doom and gloom about bonds - heard the term yesterday "taper tantrum". I have about 40% of my Fixed Income Exposure in CBO, 40% in HPR and 10% in HAB. HPR has slowly recovered from its downturn of a few years ago and I like the yield. HAB is doing better than CBO. Question - should I sell CBO at a loss and invest in a more active fund like HAB? My time horizon is at least 5 years.
thank you

Read Answer Asked by Julia on January 12, 2018

Q: I'm switching from mutual funds to ETF's and making a portfolio makeover. I have 3 years to retire and wanted to make sure I chose the correct Canadian Fixed Income ETF (at 40% bonds and 60% equities). I'm looking at HAB, ZCS, VSB, ZAG and ZEF. Of these 5 ETF's which one should I go with?

Read Answer Asked by Bert on September 11, 2017

Q: I am looking for an ETF to replace my maturing corporate bonds as part of my fixed income portfolio. I am thinking of buying HAB. I also currently own HFR which I bought last year. Any thoughts on HAB or do you you suggest something else to provide reasonably stable returns.

Read Answer Asked by David on May 11, 2017