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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I have about half of my balanced income portfolio in equities and the remainder in cash. Although my stocks are balanced, I still hold no fixed income investments. I like the sleep at night cash but feel it is too big of a chunk to just let sit in cash., Can you please suggest an approach to fixed income and recommend a few possibilities to consider. As always, thanks for your help

Read Answer Asked by Robert on March 29, 2022

Q: hello
can you recommend what types of bonds should be held in a rising rate environment and can your recommend some ETFs?

Read Answer Asked by Mary on December 14, 2021

Q: Can you suggest some short-term bond ETFs that are investing in government and/or large blue-chip companies? 3 for Canadian market and 3 for internal markets please? This is to provide regular income after retirement.

Read Answer Asked by CK on December 06, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Research. I have all the above ETFs in my RRIF. Does it make sense to combine all of these ETFs into one. If so, would XSB be a suitable choice? Thanks very much. Ron

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on November 11, 2021

Q: The short duration bond ETFs like these have declined in last few months with possibility of increased rates. If these are held for five years, would there still be loss of principal, if interest rates stay higher than today. I was assuming if bonds are held to maturity, there is no loss of principal. Hopefully, my question makes sense.

Read Answer Asked by Sudhir on November 03, 2021

Q: I am one that is not very fond of Bonds and with their present performance I have decided to sell ETF XBB .
What would be a best ETF as an alternative to XBB in a RRIF account over a five year time frame?

Read Answer Asked by Terry on April 27, 2021

Q: If interest rates were to start creeping-up slowly in the next year or two , which bond ETFs would you suggest?

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on March 18, 2021

Q: First a big thank you for the terrific returns we received in 2020 thanks to your stellar guidance (our largest holdings we first discovered through 5i -hello LSPD,XBC and WELL!). We gifted our kids memberships in December and praise your service to everyone. This is truly an invaluable service.
Now to the question, my brother is tired of paying high fees for his CIBC pension holdings. When I looked into this for him last year, some pools had MER in the 2% range! Hes moved the following into cash and is looking for lower fee/higher return alternatives in the following areas of his pension account:
-Imperial Canadian Dividend Income Pool
-Imperial Canadian Equity High Income Pool
-Imperial US Equity Pool
-Imperial International Equity Pool
-Imperial Short Term Bond Pool
-Imperial Long Term Bond Pool
Please charge as many questions as required.

Read Answer Asked by Warren on January 21, 2021

Q: I still have some money in a Canadian short-term bond index ETF ( VSB) which has recently paid about 2.6% annually and a healthy cash balance across both registered and non-registered accounts.
Considering where we are in the economic cycle, record low interest rates and expected US FED policy direction for the next year or two, can we anticipate this rate to continue for the next year? Do you have any other investment areas where one could look to invest?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on January 13, 2021

Q: What is your opinion on using VCIP as a 'slightly riskier than cash' investment vehicle for a holding period of 6-12 months? It is obviously riskier than HISAs/GICs/PSA, but do you think it is riskier than XSB/VSB/HFR? There is an equity component to VCIP, but given its greater diversification compared to XSB/VSB/HFR, I wonder if, paradoxically, it might actually be 'safer'. I note that when the pandemic hit, even VSB/HFR fell quite precipitously. Would you advocate a mix of VCIP/VSB/HFR instead? If so, how would you weight the three? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Walter on August 28, 2020

Q: Good morning 5i. I am considering "parking" about 10% of my portfolio in "cash equivalents". Are CVD and CPD your preferences in this case as I see they pay out roughly 5% which seems a reasonable risk/reward scenario? Are there other options or recommendations that you might consider? Thank you in advance.

Read Answer Asked by Peter on August 25, 2020

Q: Hi 5i Research Team,
I am interested in investing in both Canadian and US T Bills etfs. Please recommend 1 or 2 in each.


Read Answer Asked by Harry on April 06, 2020

Q: I have noted that XSH and ZCS have outperformed VSB every year since their respective inception years. Do you expect this outperformance to continue? In what scenario would VSB outperform XSH or ZCS? Even during recent market downturns (2015, 2018), VSB has underperformed. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Walter on January 03, 2020

Q: I wanted to chime in on Johns question about bond etfs. I completely agree with Johns concerns and feel that generally speaking the possibility of capital losses on a bond etf is under appreciated, under reported and glossed over by too many people. I have held VSB and VSC for well over 3 years and my yield to date isnt even remotely close to covering the capital losses. I see absolutely no reversal in site. That they are more liquid and diversified to me is pointless. I would have been significantly better off in cash, GICs or an individual ST bond that matured and gave me my capital back.

Read Answer Asked by Morgan on October 17, 2018

Q: I am retired and have significant positions in vsb and vab and both are valued less today than a couple of years ago.
I was thinking to sell one or both and purchase xhb and /or xcb and bep.un and/or ala.
I look forward to your comments. Thank-you

Read Answer Asked by JOHN on October 01, 2018