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Q: Dear 5i team.
As I read through the recent Q's on the merits of owning laddered bond funds vs long bond funds (CLF/CBO vs XBB/XLB) couple of f/ups for you. Assuming rates have peaked, and downward is the consensus:
1) What is the upside for CLF vs XLB for example. How much of a move in bond prices would you estimate for each 50 BP move? (can you do same exercise assuming rates move higher?)
2) Since you like both XBB/XLB for long bond exposure, can both be owned, or should one be sufficient?

Many thanks for your help to understand the risk/reward here.
Read Answer Asked by Arthur on January 18, 2024
Q: In many of the investment articles I have been reading Bonds are being touted as a good investment in 2024. Do you agree? If yes, what Bond ETF's would you recommend?
Read Answer Asked by shirley on December 22, 2023
Q: Right now a large % of my portfolio is in TD 8150 money market paying 4.55%
If rates start to drop it will be hit right away---Some corporate bonds are paying over 5%---I like the liquidity of the 8150s and will continue being in fixed to perhaps a lesser extent---do you think I should lock in one of these corporate bonds for maybe50% of what I have in 8150s now?
Read Answer Asked by peter on December 15, 2023
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