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Q: Dear 5i team.

Can you help me understand the chart for CBO? Looking at the long term, it seems to be in a downward trend, even over 10 years? I assume this was caused by declining interest rates over the past 10 years? With raising interest rates, at what point does this turn back into a positive trend? Even with the past few months with rates starting to rise, it's been in decline. Is there a lag in closing out old positions and starting new ones with a higher yield? Just trying to understand roughly at what point this starts to look like a good entry point.

Many thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Arthur on May 12, 2022

Q: Peter,

I look at the S & P 500 index as the gold standard for performance measurement. It has been my theory that any portfolio performance should be compared to this index first. Do you agree?

For diversification purposes please list your top 5 indexes & associated ETF codes that you feel would be relevant whenever looking at an equity portfolio. This can be anywhere in the world. { Fixed Income I strictly take a ladder approach.} I would be interested in ones with a lower correlation , if that is realistic. It may not be.

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by paul on May 11, 2022
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