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Q: Context: Sold CNQ after a long run up. Funds now to deploy into a locked in RSP about to be unlocked into an income stream. Currently have all blue chip dividend payers and am looking to offset risk by initiating a bond position. Looking for:
-CDN domiciled etf with NA and/or Global focus
-3% minimum yield
-High grade but willing to accept corporates for yield
-Prefer shorter term to maturity, to match future rate increases
-If not CDN domiciled, willing to look at US and willing to look at more than one to match criteria

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Harry on February 28, 2022

Q: Hello 5i team,
My portfolios are mostly stocks and with a possible recession coming next year, I would like to purchase bond ETFs for both my CDN and U.S. portfolios. At this point would you recommend long or short or ultra short ETFs? and could you suggest a couple of each ( CDN and U.S)? Thanks Carlo

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on October 31, 2019

Q: Im looking at the Dalio/Robbins "All-weather Portfolio". Do you have any comments about it fundamentally? They both say its about diversifying the risk rather than the sector or products in order to increase the chances of making money in almost any market and decrease losses.

Can you make recommendations for each category please? They also recommend low cost etfs to get further diversification within each category. I would still keep a small amount of cash aside for higher growth names to "play with", so any profit taking would potentially go into the All Weather Account.

What they lay out is:

30% Long term bond (20-25 year)

15% Intermediate Bonds (7-10 years)

30% Stocks

7.5% Gold (possibly a bouillon etf, or possibly just gold with no etf)

7.5% Commodities

Please deduct what you feel for credits since this is a multi part question.

Read Answer Asked by david on December 10, 2018
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