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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: For price appreciation in the next 12-24 months, would you prefer a long-term ETF like XLB/TLT or an ETF with shorter duration like XBB/ZAG. Or a bit of both?

Read Answer Asked by Denise on November 18, 2022

Q: The last line in the recent article on bonds that you sent members reads, “In our minds, the better place to be within fixed income is higher-quality, shorter-dated fixed income, where you’re not taking on as much risk.” Assuming you concur with this statement, what investments do you recommend that align with "higher-quality, shorter-dated fixed income"?

Read Answer Asked by Martha on November 16, 2022

Q: Peter and Co.
Having never purchased a bond or a bond fund I would appreciate any recomendations you might have for an individual bond to purchase or a bond ETF that provides some income, not a high priority, as well as good potential for capital gains when rates eventually drop. Would a strip bond be recommended?
With appreciation,

Read Answer Asked by Ed on November 08, 2022

Q: Hi 5i, What is your current read on the attractiveness of investing in TLT? I assume it would be best to hold in a registered account but you could please confirm. If acquiring just one bond fund today, would this be your preferred choice, and/or is there a comparable CDN bond fund worth considering? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Martha on July 18, 2022

Q: For a ultra conservative retired income based investor can you please give us your 10 best portfolio building blocks starting a new portfolio?...many thanks...

Read Answer Asked by adam on June 10, 2022

Q: What is your suggestion for bonds or a bond fund in this market climate? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Gary on April 25, 2022

Q: All my fixed income is in XCB,XRB and VAB. All are held in tax sheltered RSPs and distributions are in DRIP programs. My question is " would you continue with the DRIP programs as I have to start withdrawals in 5 years when I turn 71? " These bond ETFs are all in serious down trends.

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on April 22, 2022

Q: Hello,

I am concerned in a rising interest rate environment CBO (5.0%), CPD (1.92%), XHY (7.4%), VAB (4.13%) are positions that need to change in my portfolio. Portfolio Analytics recommends holding 35% in fixed income. I currently hold about 18%.

Should I be selling some or all of these positions and then re-investing in other fixed income vehicles given the rising interest rates?

I would appreciate your feedback/suggestions on current position. Thanks again for all your great service.

Read Answer Asked by Mauro on November 08, 2021

Q: I submitted a previous question about my sister converting her portfolio from a robo manager to self-directed. The last question dealt with the equities side (75%) while this one deals with the fixed income side (25%).

My suggestions to her all come from what I've gleaned from your website, so I'm really asking for confirmation and criticism here.

She wants 10% in gold so I've recommended 5% of Sprott's PHYS.TO and 5% of AEM.TO. We realize these are not fixed income but plan to use them as a long term hold (insurance) and not speculatively. For other 15%, I have suggested VAB.TO and XSB.TO.

Some of her funds are in USD so she could buy US or Global bonds if that would add safety. It seems that would complicate things unnecessarily, a main objective being to keep it simple.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on August 06, 2021

Q: About 25% of my portfolio is in cash, enough for 5 years of cash needs. The problem is that it earns only 0.2%. Now I am thinking of putting this cash in 5 or more high quality Bond ETFs. Is this a right move? If so, could you give few names? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Sudhir on June 11, 2021

Q: Hello,
I am nearing retirement. I have CBO, CPD, VAB and XHY at 20% of my fixed income portfolio. All these ETF's exist in my unregistered account. I wanted to add XBB in my RRSP account. Any concerns about too much overlap by adding this position? This will add 7% to my fixed income position. Portfolio analytics recommends a 30% position.

Thanks for all your help.

Read Answer Asked by Mauro on June 02, 2021

Q: What are the best bond etfs to own in Canada and US in your opinion? Please provide several options in both countries. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by Mirjana on October 14, 2020

Q: Hi Team,
Is there a ETF similar to VGRO but sold in $US without converting to Cdn? I have some cash on the US side of my RRSP and like the set up of VGRO but would rather not convert back to Cdn at this point.

Read Answer Asked by Todd on September 08, 2020

Q: I am planning to increase my bond exposure in my RIF and have looked at VBU. I already have Canadian bond exposure. This is a hedged fund. Is this, as a hedged fund, appropriate for my RIF? Is there an unhedged equivalent? Do you have other funds I should review?


Read Answer Asked by Ronald on July 17, 2020

Q: I sold my business and started investing last year. I am trying to build balanced portfolio and struggling with the bond portion. I don't want to buy individual bonds and was looking into something like HBB for unregistered portfolio and VAB and XSB for registered. Yet, I am very uneasy about buying bond ETFs in the near-zero interest rate environment - the rates can only go up (unless we end-up with negative rates here) and, obviously, bond ETFs will be going in the opposite direction. I was thinking about VSC but almost 35% of it are junk bonds, so no comfort there. With PSA now paying only 0.65%, I am really out of choices for the fixed income portion of my portfolio. Any suggestions (both for CDN and USD positions)? My time horizon is 10 years and I want something safe and tax efficient.

Read Answer Asked by Marie on July 03, 2020

Q: I like the Vanguard family of ETFs and am looking for safe income in these uncertain times. I am aware of VBAL and VGRO, but could you suggest other Vanguard offerings that focus on earning investors relatively safe distributions. If there are other companies that offer superior ETFs for income I would appreciate your suggestions.

Read Answer Asked by Les on June 17, 2020