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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I keep hearing about the 60/40, 40/60 ratio of what you should be invested in with regards to Stocks and Bonds...

- I have Never held Any Bonds of Any Sort...Just Stocks...

- Please recommend some sort of Bond Investment I can consider that is somewhat safe, but Not ultra conservative...

- I remember when my parents said that Canada Savings Bonds were a good and reliable investment...a vintage memory...

Have a good weekend

Read Answer Asked by michael on April 24, 2023

Q: What would be your top 3 bond ETF picks for both Canadian and US bonds? Is now a good time to put money into these?

Read Answer Asked by Dan on March 17, 2023

Q: I am looking at adding a 15 to 20 percent bond component to my portfolio. From the mix of laddered, aggregate, short/long term and high yield ETF’s listed. Which would you recommend and why? Please let me know if you have other possible suggestions? Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Myron on March 02, 2023

Q: I'd like your assessment of MKB versus aggregate bond etfs like XBB, ZAG, and VAB. Has MKB performed better than the listed etfs? If it has performed better then is it because the etf has taken on additional risk to achieve the higher return? How might one incorporate MKB into the bond portion of their portfolio? Is it worth the higher fees?

Read Answer Asked by Robert on February 16, 2023

Q: Hello 5i Team
Last year stocks and bonds both had a down year, I would like to add to a fixed income ETF that you think would have upside the next few years as interest rate starts to pause and decline in the future. I currently own a position in Vbal etf which has bonds component in it.

Read Answer Asked by claudio on January 23, 2023

Q: Hi 5i, I currently hold RCDB.TO in my margin account. My goal is twofold: 1) move it to my RRSP account 2) sell it and replace it with VAB.CA. Would I be best to sell RCDB.TO in my margin account first and then move the cash into my RRSP, or transfer it in kind to my RRSP and then sell it? And would I need to wait 30 days before I purchase VAB.CA? Please deduct as many points as needed. Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Read Answer Asked by Andrea on January 23, 2023

Q: Hi Peter,

In 2023, when do you predict would be a good time to move from money market funds to bond ETFs such as VAB and AGG? On the fixed asset side of the portfolio, there is an even split between money market funds and a GIC step ladder.

Also, what would be a good indicator(s) for identifying a long-term downturn in interest rates in Canada?

Thanks, and have a great New Year!

Read Answer Asked by George on January 04, 2023

Q: Good Evening 5i,

I am a retired income investor with very little knowledge of and exposure to bonds.

Looking for your thoughts/opinions and suggestions on aggregate bond funds.

These funds apparently give exposure to government and corporate bonds, and to bonds maturing in the short, medium and long term.

Is there something worthwhile here?

Thanks very much.

Read Answer Asked by Dave on December 14, 2022

Q: For price appreciation in the next 12-24 months, would you prefer a long-term ETF like XLB/TLT or an ETF with shorter duration like XBB/ZAG. Or a bit of both?

Read Answer Asked by Denise on November 18, 2022

Q: The last line in the recent article on bonds that you sent members reads, “In our minds, the better place to be within fixed income is higher-quality, shorter-dated fixed income, where you’re not taking on as much risk.” Assuming you concur with this statement, what investments do you recommend that align with "higher-quality, shorter-dated fixed income"?

Read Answer Asked by Martha on November 16, 2022

Q: Peter and Co.
Having never purchased a bond or a bond fund I would appreciate any recomendations you might have for an individual bond to purchase or a bond ETF that provides some income, not a high priority, as well as good potential for capital gains when rates eventually drop. Would a strip bond be recommended?
With appreciation,

Read Answer Asked by Ed on November 08, 2022

Q: Hi 5i, What is your current read on the attractiveness of investing in TLT? I assume it would be best to hold in a registered account but you could please confirm. If acquiring just one bond fund today, would this be your preferred choice, and/or is there a comparable CDN bond fund worth considering? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Martha on July 18, 2022

Q: For a ultra conservative retired income based investor can you please give us your 10 best portfolio building blocks starting a new portfolio?...many thanks...

Read Answer Asked by adam on June 10, 2022

Q: What is your suggestion for bonds or a bond fund in this market climate? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Gary on April 25, 2022

Q: All my fixed income is in XCB,XRB and VAB. All are held in tax sheltered RSPs and distributions are in DRIP programs. My question is " would you continue with the DRIP programs as I have to start withdrawals in 5 years when I turn 71? " These bond ETFs are all in serious down trends.

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on April 22, 2022

Q: Hello,

I am concerned in a rising interest rate environment CBO (5.0%), CPD (1.92%), XHY (7.4%), VAB (4.13%) are positions that need to change in my portfolio. Portfolio Analytics recommends holding 35% in fixed income. I currently hold about 18%.

Should I be selling some or all of these positions and then re-investing in other fixed income vehicles given the rising interest rates?

I would appreciate your feedback/suggestions on current position. Thanks again for all your great service.

Read Answer Asked by Mauro on November 08, 2021