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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: With bank failures in the forefront these days would you still consider HISA ETF's safe in this environment? Will the issues in the banking sector affect the NAV prices of these ETF's?

Read Answer Asked by Kyle on March 17, 2023

Q: Hello 5i Team

Further the many questions on HISA ETF (i.e. CASH, HSAVE, PSA etc.)

The Globe and Mail on February 09, 2023 a summary of the brokers services including availability to purchase HISA ETF; HISA Mutual Funds; and GIC.

Link (may be behind a pay wall) -

Essentially the three brokerages which do NOT allow HISA ETF are:

BMO Investor Line
RBC Direct Investing
TD Direct Investing

Regardless most brokers allow access to HISA mutual funds, however you may be restricted to the particular brokerages affiliated products (i.e. Royal Bank at RBC Direct Investing TD Bank at TD Direct Investing).


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 16, 2023

Q: My sister needs to park around $90,000 which she intend to put on a house down-payment next February.

She can get around 4.5% for a 9-month GIC.

From reading your website over the years, I know that the above funds are also an option. However, I don't know how to judge the return that can be expected.

Which of the two options (GIC or one of these funds) would you recommend?

Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on March 13, 2023

Q: I deal with CIBC Investors Edge and was wondering if there is a good ETF for buying GICs for my registered account. GIC are paying 6%, I believe? maybe some other instrument?

Read Answer Asked by James on February 07, 2023

Q: With the assumption being the market will face a downturn later this year.

What are your three best choices to park some cash today for someone using a bank trading platform like itrade.

The goal being to earn the best return but still have easy access to the cash to buy later in the year or into next year.

Read Answer Asked by Barrie on February 06, 2023

Q: I have an RESP for my nephew who is in grade 12 now and attending a college in the fall. His parents are not great savers, and I don't have children, so I'm fine to subsidize his education. I currently hold only CDZ and TD in the RESP and would like to add some additional cash soon.

What's your advice on how to proceed? Do I add to one or both, or would I be better to invest in CASH or PSA.


Read Answer Asked by Robert on January 25, 2023

Q: Hello,

What is the difference between PSA and CASH?

Also, I own ZCS and CBO and was wondering if I should increase my allocation to CASH and PSA while reducing my allocation to ZCS and CBO considering the higher rate (better yield) on the short end of the curve. It seems to be higher income / lower risk strategy. Can you please provide your comments. Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Pierre on January 17, 2023

Q: I have some cash that I was thinking of putting into PSA or CASH for the shorter term. But I am wondering if the unit price of those may drop suddenly when the market turns bullish, and investors move back into stocks. So, well I may earn a nice yield, I could lose some capital. Is that something I should worry about? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Kim on January 16, 2023

Q: Iím looking to put a fairly large cash position to work (my portfolio is 30% cash) over the short term and would like to atleast gain some income (while I wait for a short-term recession scenario to play out) but limit large equity exposure. Can you give some short term bond etfs or some liquid traded products that would serve that purpose. I own a large position in zwb already but realize Iíll still get dinged in a pull back (at which point Iíd shift that position back into underlying bank equities for a recovery). And also what kind of yields would I be looking at? I also would like to be paid out atleast monthly. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Scott on January 10, 2023