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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi! I have an ETF portfolio and a portfolio of Canadian and U.S. stocks. I have 10% of my ETF portfolio in Fixed Income given the historically low interest rates. This accounts for about 5% of my overall portfolio which is pretty low. Difficult to add here. I have some XHY and CBO which offset the risks of rising rates somewhat. Should I add to my fixed income portfolio or wait for rates to rise a bit. If I do add, rate reset preferred might be another option or continue adding to CBO and XHY?

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Jason on September 09, 2021

Q: I have 25K that was in a GIC, making basically nothing (or losing money when considering inflation). Can you recommend something that is likely to retain the principal and earn more in 2 years than the 1.5% 2-year GIC? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Jo-Anne on September 08, 2021

Q: I submitted a previous question about my sister converting her portfolio from a robo manager to self-directed. The last question dealt with the equities side (75%) while this one deals with the fixed income side (25%).

My suggestions to her all come from what I've gleaned from your website, so I'm really asking for confirmation and criticism here.

She wants 10% in gold so I've recommended 5% of Sprott's PHYS.TO and 5% of AEM.TO. We realize these are not fixed income but plan to use them as a long term hold (insurance) and not speculatively. For other 15%, I have suggested VAB.TO and XSB.TO.

Some of her funds are in USD so she could buy US or Global bonds if that would add safety. It seems that would complicate things unnecessarily, a main objective being to keep it simple.

Read Answer Asked by Kevin on August 06, 2021

Q: Hello, could you please provide some of your favourite ETF's to fill the fixed income portion of a portfolio?

What about cash?

Read Answer Asked by lorraine on July 22, 2021

Q: I would like to invest using only 4 ETFs. One for short bonds, one for all Canadian stocks, one for emerging markets, one for the whole US market, and one for the developed world (as wide as possible) excluding Canada and the US.

Which ETFs should I use?


Read Answer Asked by Federico on July 19, 2021

Q: Within my fixed income allotment I've recently favored short term bonds over long term bonds on the advice that they will react less to changes in interest rates. However, since the Fed's meeting last week the opposite has occurred, as there has been a flight from short term bonds into long term bonds. Can you please explain why this is the case and then, given the current environment could you also rank the above ETF's in order of preference. If there are better fixed income suggestions please indicate. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on June 21, 2021

Q: I am one that is not very fond of Bonds and with their present performance I have decided to sell ETF XBB .
What would be a best ETF as an alternative to XBB in a RRIF account over a five year time frame?

Read Answer Asked by Terry on April 27, 2021

Q: If interest rates were to start creeping-up slowly in the next year or two , which bond ETFs would you suggest?

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on March 18, 2021

Q: Hello 5i,
It was suggested that I switch from XLB, XSB, and VEE to ZAG and ZEM which I did. Lately I have seen on the daily watch report that XSB, XLB, and VEE are again mentioned as suggestions in many instances over the past few weeks. Should I switch back or maintain my positions in ZAG and ZEM?

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on March 12, 2021

Q: I need to add some bond ETFs to my portfolio. Could you give three US dollar and
three Canadian dollar funds that you prefer .

Read Answer Asked by Roy on March 08, 2021

Q: As a follow-up to my question last week on interest rates up/down, please also advise which funds/ETFs perform best when interest rates move in either direction.

Thanks again.

Read Answer Asked by Arthur on March 08, 2021

Q: I've been working with your Portfolio Tracking tool, which is absolutely great, and it's telling me I should hold more bonds. Okay, that's clear enough, but what I'm unclear about is the number of Bonds (ETFs) I should hold. I know it's not really your thing, but is there a recommended bond portfolio you would recommend (for someone about to retire)? Also how important is it to hold international bonds VS only Canadian ETFs? Any advice is truly appreciated. Thanks as always for all your great work!

Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 19, 2021

Q: How does one approach bond investments given the low interest rates. I see XBB had a significant drop today. Why? How would you compare XBB to PMIF?
I am retired senior 78 with a pension.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Donald on February 17, 2021

Q: Several years ago your team helped me build out my sons (2) RESP accounts. The stocks have all done well growing approx 55%. THANK YOU! My oldest is finishing year one of university and my youngest will start in 2.5 years. Itís a conservative portfolio of stocks with 30% in interest bearing instruments. I have enough now for both of them so (my) common sense says move all to capital preservation - interest only vehicles. Do you agree and if so, can you recommend anything I can lock into for 2 ish years?

Read Answer Asked by Don on February 02, 2021