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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi! I have an ETF portfolio and a portfolio of Canadian and U.S. stocks. I have 10% of my ETF portfolio in Fixed Income given the historically low interest rates. This accounts for about 5% of my overall portfolio which is pretty low. Difficult to add here. I have some XHY and CBO which offset the risks of rising rates somewhat. Should I add to my fixed income portfolio or wait for rates to rise a bit. If I do add, rate reset preferred might be another option or continue adding to CBO and XHY?

Thank you,

Read Answer Asked by Jason on September 09, 2021

Q: I would like to invest using only 4 ETFs. One for short bonds, one for all Canadian stocks, one for emerging markets, one for the whole US market, and one for the developed world (as wide as possible) excluding Canada and the US.

Which ETFs should I use?


Read Answer Asked by Federico on July 19, 2021

Q: Within my fixed income allotment I've recently favored short term bonds over long term bonds on the advice that they will react less to changes in interest rates. However, since the Fed's meeting last week the opposite has occurred, as there has been a flight from short term bonds into long term bonds. Can you please explain why this is the case and then, given the current environment could you also rank the above ETF's in order of preference. If there are better fixed income suggestions please indicate. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on June 21, 2021

Q: I currently own half my bond holdings in ZAG. I put the other half in ZST as I was looking for something that wouldn't go down as much as interest rates go up. But ZST is a mix of govt and corporate short term bonds and Ive been reading that short term corporate will be less affected by interest rates than govt bonds. Would you recommend another ETF for very short duration corporate bonds that I could replace ZST with?

Read Answer Asked by Carla on March 25, 2021

Q: If interest rates were to start creeping-up slowly in the next year or two , which bond ETFs would you suggest?

Read Answer Asked by Ronald on March 18, 2021

Q: I need to add some bond ETFs to my portfolio. Could you give three US dollar and
three Canadian dollar funds that you prefer .

Read Answer Asked by Roy on March 08, 2021

Q: Hi,

I am retired without pension and reliant on income from my investments. I do not want to exceed 55% of my portfolio in equities and thus am left with a sizable amount to invest in fixed income. I am concerned that bond ETF's are returning too low a yield to justify the risk of losing invested capital as interest rates rise. I have considerable GIC's(laddered terms), some ZCS and too much(20%) of my portfolio in Cash. I have been looking at HFR as an alternative for my cash/GIC's and would like your opinion if you think this represents diversification and yield improvement over the GIC's & cash while reducing the risk of capital losses?

And BTW - thanks for this service. It is great value.

Read Answer Asked by Morgan on March 08, 2021

Q: Your opinion on using FSB ETF to park cash. Looks to have better returns than any high interest savings or GIC with minimal risk.

Any better ideas for returns from cash are appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Chris on March 05, 2021

Q: Hello, How come I do not see you recommend ZAG for bond exposure? I saw a recent question where you recommended ZCS for bond exposure. When I look at a 10 year chart, ZAG seems to have outperformed ZCS. Is it because of rising bond yields that you recommend holding ZCS as you predict better performance over ZAG?

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Alex on March 04, 2021

Q: Hi,

I want to get my investments into more manageable ETFS. If you had to invest in only 3 ETFs for the Canadian market in the next few years, what would they be? Could you give me a list of some top contenders?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on March 02, 2021

Q: Hello, I own above ETF's, and with rising bond yields, is it time to bail out ? If so, which one(s) to let go and which one(s) to keep.

Read Answer Asked by Carlo on February 26, 2021

Q: Given current markets and in the near term, I'm considering a 1/3 position in Equities, Fixed Income and Cash. Are these levels reasonable and what is your view of the above ETF's making up my fixed income allocation? You guys are awesome, thanks for your help.

Read Answer Asked by Curtis on February 17, 2021

Q: Hi 5i research team - Can I have your opinion on the ZCM, ZCS, HFR ETFs?
I am looking for ETFs in the bonds category that do not fall much if the market tumbles (relatively safe) and at the same time pays a good interest compared to money market funds. I dont have any in the US market.
Any other ETFs you can think of in the CAD and US markets?
Thanks for your input!

Read Answer Asked by Ahmed on December 23, 2020

Q: What are the best bond etfs to own in Canada and US in your opinion? Please provide several options in both countries. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by Mirjana on October 14, 2020

Q: There were a couple of questions today on BMO's ZCS. Both your replies suggested not too much concern holding the short term corporates over a longer period of time. Do you have differing thoughts on ZCM and ZLC? BBB rated bonds in ZCS, ZCM, ZLC are 36%, 58%, and 39% respectively.

Also of note all three seem to have a large discount to NAV. Yesterday between 4.3 to 5.5% (ZLC being the highest). Not sure that is normal, or not, as I don't look that closely and BMO doesn't appear to post the info.


Read Answer Asked by on March 16, 2020

Q: Interest rates are dropping but bond funds are getting clobbered - they normally would go up - is there fear that huge numbers of companies are going bankrupt such that bonds will not be repaid? It doesn't seem to matter whether short term or long term bonds - they are going down. XBB down 3%, ZAG down 3%, ZCS down 4% today so far. This seems crazy. Is this a buy opportunity for corporate bond funds or is the great depression about to happen and everything should be sold into cash?

Read Answer Asked by David on March 13, 2020