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Q: As STIP and TIP have ceased to pay their previously excellent distributions, I have been looking for alternatives with similar distribution, diversification and volatility characteristics. XHY seems a valid choice; however, can you comment/provide alternatives? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by David on November 23, 2022

Q: I notice that STIP and TIP have each stopped paying their previously excellent dividends. The prospect of their payouts returning, their low volatility and their low correlation with the remainder of my portfolio keep them somewhat attractive. However, can you recommend preferred stock or bond etfs (preferably with available option series) that can provide low volatility, low equity correlation and some yield?

Read Answer Asked by David on November 10, 2022

Q: These two "inflation-protected" bond ETFs turned out to be extremely disappointing investments. I don't know whether it's poor investment strategy or some other factors, but these two ETFs didn't provide any intended inflation protection, they behaved just like all other bond ETFs dropping like a cannonball when FED raises the rates. In response to my question on Sept 23, you mentioned that increased distributions may provide some comfort here, but both ETFs decided to cancel October dividend, so stated yields are completely meaningless now. I hold these two in taxable account, do you suggest to continue holding them hoping for a recovery or just to sell them both for tax loss and replace with some other bond ETFs that have better recovery potential? If it's the latter, what replacement would you suggest for STIP and for TIP. Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on October 31, 2022
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