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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Which do you prefer to invest today: TLT or preferred stock ETFs. For preferred stock ETFs, could you suggest a few? Please explain the reason. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by David on November 07, 2023
Q: I am down significantly on these ETF's, down 17% with distribution included on ZPR with it representing 3.6% of my portfolio and down 7% on ZLI or 0.8% with distribution with ZLI representing 3.1% of the portfolio. These were added prior to the rising interest rate environment with the desire for income. Given the unit price have declined so significantly on ZPR (24%), would it be a good move to average down on this ETF in this interest rate sensitive environment? At least the ZPR is mainly held outside registered accounts so the significant capital loss could be used to offset other gains if I was to sell? What would you do with these funds at this point? Hold, Sell, Average down or...?
Read Answer Asked by Andrew on July 15, 2023
Q: If the scenario plays out of higher interest rates for longer; is it logical to presume Reits, and Preferreds, -both sensitive to interest rates, may continue to soften. I have been buying them as they are going down but wondering if this is a good strategy. Could you comment. Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Pat on June 20, 2023
Q: Could you tell me the difference between these ETFs and would you suggest having just one or all in ones portfolio. Currently I have ZPR in a margin account. I have some room in a TFSA; I'm wondering if I should leave that for my Reit ETF - ZRE as I'm moving away from growth toward income. Why are they all down right now? Is it a good time to buy or is it best to wait? Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Pat on May 12, 2023
Q: I own prefered share ETFs in a diversified revenue/dividend RRSP portfolio.those ETF are at loss(10-20%) and at a lowest annual stock value.I did believe that those ETF would bring a least , a certain stability,wich is obviously not the case.I shall keep those ETF if there were a reasonnable probability of returning to previous values (+10%..),and sell them if more downtrend is expected.In this perspective,your impression as "hold","sell"(or eventually "buy" !)will be greatly appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by Jean-Yves on April 12, 2023
Q: I currently hold 2 preferreds in my RSP, BEP and CPX, both with a floor yield. While I have no compelling reason to sell either (both are up between 5-10% based on my purchase price and disregarding dividends), I note that ZPR has a slightly higher yield and would be much easier to sell should I want to. What do you see as the pros and cons of selling the 2 individual preferreds and replacing with ZPR? Assuming (?) that rates have somewhat stabilized and are probably more likely to decrease long term rather than go higher, how would this affect the price of ZPR? Does the price of ZPR react more to interest rates or the overall market direction?
My objective here is more income-oriented that capital gains.

Thank-you, Grant
Read Answer Asked by grant on March 28, 2023
Q: Hi Guys,

I want to add to my Preferred shares. I currently own ZPR.

Would you suggest adding to ZPR or add CPD as a new ETF for diversification. My main goal is income and safety of capital.

ZPR pays a 5.89% dividend ($.54) and CPD pays 5.45% ($.60). CPD's dividend seems to be a bit more volatile.

Thanks for the input.

Read Answer Asked by John on December 07, 2022
Q: Hello, I'm recently retired. I am seeking income generating vehicles for my various, registered plans (RRSP, LIRA, TFSA) to invest in. I'm considering an investment in ZWU. I'm wondering if there might be a similar, utilities based, covered call, ETF available for the American market?

Lastly, if any of these ETFs might also be available without the covered call overlay and if you believe that those versions of the ETFs might provide better, mid-term probability of a greater Total Return; I'd be interested in your opinion, as well.

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Richard on November 29, 2022
Q: Peter, one of the worst 'safe' investments I have ever made has been ZPR. Looking for a somewhat enhanced yield and a bit more safety, my 2014 investment shockingly dropped by about 40% in a year! The explanation 5i offered at the time was the declining interest rates combined with ZPR's rate reset preferred share holdings. But now, interest rates are INCREASING and ZPR is again down - almost 20% in the past year, and 12% in just the last six months. I realize other factors can move prices, but I'm mystified how a supposedly more stable investment can decline so much, so quickly, both when prevailing interest rates go UP and when they go DOWN! Do you have any explanation that might make sense to a mere mortal?
Read Answer Asked by James on October 21, 2022
Q: I think I misunderstood your previous answers on ZPR to mean it was the better preferred ETF to be in considering it holds rate resets, which should go up as interest rates rise. However, your last answer indicated it holds significant long exposure preferreds, which would cause it to fall more heavily under the current environment?

To be clear, what is your best idea for a preferred ETF right now?
Read Answer Asked by Curtis on April 19, 2022
Q: Hello,

I am concerned in a rising interest rate environment CBO (5.0%), CPD (1.92%), XHY (7.4%), VAB (4.13%) are positions that need to change in my portfolio. Portfolio Analytics recommends holding 35% in fixed income. I currently hold about 18%.

Should I be selling some or all of these positions and then re-investing in other fixed income vehicles given the rising interest rates?

I would appreciate your feedback/suggestions on current position. Thanks again for all your great service.
Read Answer Asked by Mauro on November 08, 2021
Q: Expectations of sooner-than-expected rate increases have pushed short-term yields higher in recent days. If so, interest rates could be headed up faster than thought, with dismal consequences for stock prices and real estate speculators. Can you suggest a Canadian Bond EFT that would be suitable during this period of inflation? Cheers.
Read Answer Asked by Ronnie on November 03, 2021