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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: If you were to build a portfolio of just ETFs, what 6-8 would you select? Maybe ignore Canada for this scenario as I have plenty of individual positions I'm quite happy with.

Read Answer Asked by Robert on September 21, 2023

Q: Hello, I'm recently retired. I am seeking income generating vehicles for my various, registered plans (RRSP, LIRA, TFSA) to invest in. I'm considering an investment in ZWU. I'm wondering if there might be a similar, utilities based, covered call, ETF available for the American market?

Lastly, if any of these ETFs might also be available without the covered call overlay and if you believe that those versions of the ETFs might provide better, mid-term probability of a greater Total Return; I'd be interested in your opinion, as well.

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Richard on November 29, 2022

Q: Hi, my RRSP and TFSA are maxed out with VOO and QQQ. I would like to build non-registered account with some dividend ETFs. What would you buy and what % would you apply to each ? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Yasushi on October 06, 2022

Q: i would like to buy an etf (vanguard) with safety or stock with a high yield during these unsettled times
What would you advise ?.Can you please give me a few choices

Read Answer Asked by gabriel on September 21, 2022

Q: I was just reading about thematic investing in ╚TF's and wanted to get your opinion on it? I have some BAC I want to sell and find something newin US, this is in RRSP so looking for higher dividend, would you have any recommendations?

Read Answer Asked by Don on August 04, 2021

Q: Hi, I've sold IYW for a decent gain in a US rsp account. I would like to consider 2 US stocks with reasonable dividend. I currently hold ICLN and RBLX as US stocks. Can you suggest a few US dividend stocks or ETF to consider? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Dan on July 26, 2021

Q: Although I currently hold VYM and VIG in my RRSP, SCHD has been on my radar for a few years and would appreciate your thoughts on adding this particular US$ ETF in my US$ Non Registered account. More specifically,
Q1. Would the withholding tax be eligible for the foreign tax credit when filing my tax return,
Q2. Would the US dividends be taxed as income, and
Q3. Of the three ETFs mentioned above, which one would you recommend for a US$ Non Registered account and your reason for the recommendation.
As usual, your sage advice is much appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on May 27, 2021

Q: I have some USD within my business account from US client payments. Rather than holding as cash at the current exchange rate, I'm thinking of investing it into something that would produce some yield. It's within my Canadian Corporation, not sure the implications around US Dividends within a Corp?

I see more upside in the individual tickers mentioned, but buying the index is an easier means of setting and forgetting. Any insight or other names that would be of interest? I'd say I'm less open to significant risk with this capital coming from the Corp.

Read Answer Asked by Don on May 04, 2021

Q: Hello,
Can you recommend high or dividend oriented etfs that fall under the following category:
1) From at least more than one ETF company
2) Focuses on dividend payers and moderate growth
3) Covers CDN,US and the rest of the world (not necessarily in one ETF)

I like to pick and chose and change as needed. Not a huge fan of asset allocation ETFs at this point.

Read Answer Asked by Robbie on March 25, 2021

Q: I plan to retire in the next few years and have in mind to replace employment income with dividends. I have moderate to high risk tolerance. What dividend generating index funds or ETFs do you recommend to be in each of the following. My funds are split as noted below.
RRSP: 70%
TFSA: 10%
Cash account: 20%

Read Answer Asked by Michelle on March 24, 2021

Q: Hi Team, Wondering if you could please suggest a good
ETF for growth - Canada and US.
Also a good ETF for Dividends - Canada and US.
This is for RRSP account.

Read Answer Asked by Salome on January 13, 2021

Q: Whats are your thoughts on the following sets of ETFs ?

Set -1

iShares Core S&P U.S. Total Market Index ETF (XUU)
Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF (VYM)
Invesco QQQ (QQQ)



Read Answer Asked by Kapil on December 29, 2020

Q: I have $40,000 US to invest for 5 -10 years. With half of that amount I would like to buy about four equity-based ETFs for capital appreciation. Some I have read about include QQQ , BBH, and VGT. Are these good choices? Please add other recommendations.
For the other half, I would like more income based ETFs with a sensible degree of risk, such as VIG. Please add other recommendations.
I am not interested in Canadian based ETFs but International based ETFs would be alright.
I do no previous experience with ETFs.

Read Answer Asked by George on June 16, 2020

Q: I'm going to retire next year and have recently received a inheritance. I have this money in a non registered account. PA is telling me that I need more US and international exposure. I'm looking at ETF's with dividends but being non Canadian holding I will not get the tax credit. Should I still look at dividend ETF's and not worry about the tax? I have a low to median risk for these non Canadian ETF's. I have a diversified group of large cap Canadian stocks to take advantage of the dividend tax credit. Can you give me some names to look at buying?
Thanks Greg

Read Answer Asked by Greg on February 27, 2020

Q: I have very little US exposure and have US$40,000 in my RRSP that I am looking to invest. I have looked at questions and profiles on VIG, VIGI, VYM, VTI and DGRO but I am unsure which of these or others ETFs would be best and am looking for some direction. What low cost, large US $ ETF or ETFs would make the most sense with the goal of maximizing US$ dividend income. This will be a long term holding.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Mark on January 22, 2020

Q: Hi Peter & 5i,
I have these US ETF's in an RRSP, is there any duplication here, if so, could you suggest an alternative. As always
I do appreciate your input.

Read Answer Asked by Ivan on September 19, 2019