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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi, looking to start one or two Canadian based etf. Retired, no investment out of Canada. I think I should have some. Would like monthly income, 4%+ ,moderate risk, some growth if possible.
I think Cyh is the only one with a little growth?
Could you suggest two etfs you prefer, or suggest two from above you might have confidence in.
Read Answer Asked by Brad on March 28, 2022
Q: Plz suggest three high-dividend paying GLOBAL etfs based in Canada but excluding Canadian companies.

Read Answer Asked by roger on November 23, 2021
Q: Hello,
Can you recommend high or dividend oriented etfs that fall under the following category:
1) From at least more than one ETF company
2) Focuses on dividend payers and moderate growth
3) Covers CDN,US and the rest of the world (not necessarily in one ETF)

I like to pick and chose and change as needed. Not a huge fan of asset allocation ETFs at this point.
Read Answer Asked by Robbie on March 25, 2021
Q: Hi, Iam retired,(65) looking for a global dividend ETF . I have no U.S. or International exposure no bonds, only Canadian stock, so thinking to spread out a little. Do you have a go to all in one etf that pays 2%+ while you wait ( 6-8) years+.
I was looking at XDG ,good mer, good div. 3.4%, global holdings 56% U.S. etc. But not sure if its a good long term hold?
Would like your opinion on an etf that you like

Read Answer Asked by Brad on February 19, 2021
Q: Hi, I currently have a BMO monthly income Mutual fund. I wish to replace it with an etf to reduce the fees. I am looking for an etf that pays monthly income, has the potential for some growth and a low mer. You have been a proponent of XTR before but would like to see if there are any others you think might be worth while. Maybe zmi. If you can suggest a canadian etf and an international etf that has some good diversification in different sectors.
Read Answer Asked by pietro on February 05, 2021
Q: 5iteam:I continue to hold Domtar bouncing around 20% down and of course with no dividend.considering I do not have any foreign positions I am contemplating taking the loss on Domtar and initiate and diversify by acquiring Cyh for income and future 16.50 CYH is off about 25% from 52week high. Do you think Domtar has more growth potential in a market recovery? Your comments greatly appreciated. tks.Larry
Read Answer Asked by Larry on October 27, 2020
Q: Hey guys,

We already own DXG, would you recommend any others instead of DXG for international exposure? Also, a full position on individual stocks is between 4 to 5% (hopefully letting them grow to 7 to 8%, ), what about etfs?
Read Answer Asked by jim on July 28, 2020
Q: Hi, what are your views on CYH please? Do you feel its underlying holdings are secure enough and that the existing distribution can be maintained? Also, do you feel the underlying holdings are earning the amount of the distribution or is it possible the fund is paying above the collective distributions of the underlying securities as in other Blackrock funds? Are there other global Dividend C$ hedged alternatives that could also be considered? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Gary on June 24, 2020
Q: Hi, I am 42 and just signed up for your portfolio analysis service. One of the key gaps noted was an over-sized focus on Canadian equities and etfs, and particularly a gap in sufficient international investments.
With a 20+ investment horizon for an existing rrsp portfolio, could you suggest some holdings to build a better international base? I already use Both general and thematic etfs but would be happy to add some more targeted stocks of ideas as well.

Thanks so much

Read Answer Asked by Peter on February 26, 2020
Q: Greetings 5i team,
I hold these three securities (one mutual fund and two ETFs) in my RSP for global (non-Canadian) equity exposure, total 17% (approx 150k) of overall portfolio and am looking for 5i analysis and possible replacement recommendations. Among the three I have some active management which has been successful, but expensive (EDG), some div income incl 50% US (CYH), some global non-NA exposure (XIN). I primarily invest in international securities for the diversification and growth and not nec income.
I would like to:
- possibly trade off the div income (CYH) for greater international growth
- understand if the active management component is worth the squeeze (cost) for this particular and only MF I own (EDG)
- reconsider the mix of international exposure among the three securities

What combination of ETF(s) would 5i recommend as potential replacement (or sustain as is) for these three securities that meet my goals?
TY for your work

P.S. Good webinar today on Portfolio Analytics.
Read Answer Asked by Steve on July 10, 2019
Q: My 14 month total return for this preferred share etf is - 7.53%. It should provide better downside protection than HAZ , so maybe having a ten year time horizon would be better, and just look at it as part of a diversified income portfolio. Would you step into HAZ at this time if you needed Dividend income?
Thanks Gord
Read Answer Asked by Gordon on March 12, 2019
Q: Hi, could you please recommend:
A global dividend equity ETF
A global high dividend equity ETF
A US dividend ETF
A US high dividend equity ETF
In all cases traded on the TSX, also hedged to $CDN is preferred.
Deduct as many credits as required.
Read Answer Asked by Gary on October 24, 2018
Q: Hello 5i,
I currently hold both of the above ETF's at approximately 4.90 % (ZDI) and 5.5% (CYH). My primary concern is income along with diversification. However, I was wondering if you feel I am well-served by having both at a total of 10.5 % of my PF? Is there an alternative approach that you would recommend? Pare down to just one or switch to something else altogether, or stay the course? In particular, I would be interested in some alternative suggestions for my international exposure given my focus on income.
Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
Read Answer Asked by Mike on September 14, 2018
Q: Hi team
I have some money in XTR and FIE, both etf for income in my RRSP
which I am happy about

in my non registered account
I am looking for an income/dividend fund Canadian
and an international income/ dividend fund

would you recommend anything in the Royal Bank family of mutual funds for the
above ?
or an equivalent ETF
I have VIG already

many thanks

Read Answer Asked by Michael on July 20, 2018