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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hello,
Can you recommend high or dividend oriented etfs that fall under the following category:
1) From at least more than one ETF company
2) Focuses on dividend payers and moderate growth
3) Covers CDN,US and the rest of the world (not necessarily in one ETF)

I like to pick and chose and change as needed. Not a huge fan of asset allocation ETFs at this point.
Read Answer Asked by Robbie on March 25, 2021
Q: Hi, Iíam retired,(65) looking for a global dividend ETF . I have no U.S. or International exposure no bonds, only Canadian stock, so thinking to spread out a little. Do you have a go to all in one etf that pays 2%+ while you wait ( 6-8) years+.
I was looking at XDG ,good mer, good div. 3.4%, global holdings 56% U.S. etc. But not sure if itís a good long term hold?
Would like your opinion on an etf that you like

Read Answer Asked by Brad on February 19, 2021
Q: Hi, I currently have a BMO monthly income Mutual fund. I wish to replace it with an etf to reduce the fees. I am looking for an etf that pays monthly income, has the potential for some growth and a low mer. You have been a proponent of XTR before but would like to see if there are any others you think might be worth while. Maybe zmi. If you can suggest a canadian etf and an international etf that has some good diversification in different sectors.
Read Answer Asked by pietro on February 05, 2021
Q: First I have to say thank you! My RRIF and TFSA are certainly healthier due to info gained from 5i over the past couple of years.
My questions pertain to my Rif where I have recently inherited 2 mutual funds; Dynamic 1560 Strategic Yield Fund and Dynamic 031 Global Dividend Fund (mers 2.15-2.23%). The remainder of the Rif is comprised of Canadian stocks; old TSX 60 stalwarts and/or stocks from your income or balanced portfolios. The Dynamic funds each account for approximately 20% of the total Rif and around 13% of total investments.
1. Are there better ETFs/Funds you would suggest for exposure to US and global markets?
2. What is a reasonable weight for an individual ETF/fund within a portfolio?
3. What is a reasonable percent of one's portfolio to allocate to US markets? and to global markets?
(Good to see Peter on BNN yesterday.)

Read Answer Asked by Gail on November 19, 2020
Q: Good Morning- I am looking for some ETF suggestions for global dividend growth- Is there any one ETF solution in this category? HAZ is one I am aware of ... and I like PDF for North America. Just wondering if there is a global VGG type out there that would include Emerging markets, EU, North America etc?

Thanks for the suggestions and great work following this complex market!
Read Answer Asked by Kyle on November 23, 2018