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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Hi 5i,
In general it looks like XDGH has outperformed XDG fairly consistently.
Can you help explain?
XDGH has approx. 70M AUM and XDG has approx. 311M AUM.
If one felt the USD was going to get stronger which ETF should one invest in?
If one did not have a view about the direction of USD which one would you invest in?


Read Answer Asked by Ian on April 27, 2022

Q: Hi, Iíam retired,(65) looking for a global dividend ETF . I have no U.S. or International exposure no bonds, only Canadian stock, so thinking to spread out a little. Do you have a go to all in one etf that pays 2%+ while you wait ( 6-8) years+.
I was looking at XDG ,good mer, good div. 3.4%, global holdings 56% U.S. etc. But not sure if itís a good long term hold?
Would like your opinion on an etf that you like

Read Answer Asked by Brad on February 19, 2021

Q: Hi 5i Team,
I do not have any international exposure and I am wondering if you would recommend a dividend ETF with some upside potential. What account would it be best held in? Do you think this is a good time to enter? Thanks so much.

Read Answer Asked by Pat on June 22, 2020

Q: I am looking for a lower risk ETF. My goal is to preserve capital, by beating inflation on an after-tax basis over a 5 to 10 year period, and not to lose any money. My view is that I can best achieve these objectives through an ETF which is diversified both sectorally and geographically. Do you agree?

I have been considering VIU, VXC, VEQT and XDG. What are your views? Do you agree with these possibilities, or do you feel there are better options available? What ETF do you think offers the best risk and reward? Do you feel the all-in-one ETFs will better achieve my investment objectives given the rebalancing feature?

Your thoughts and advice are greatly appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Dale on June 18, 2020

Q: Greetings Team 5i,

I was thinking of buying for RRSP but concerned about losing out to withholding tax.
XDG is a Canadian wrapper with around 53% of USA holdings plus rest of the world.

Would you have an idea of the withholding tax status? Held in an RRSP, would the USA holding's dividends NOT incur withholding but the remainder would?

In this case, I am giving the issue of withholding tax too much thought and should just buy it for its merits?

Thank you in advance!

Read Answer Asked by Arzoo on March 31, 2020

Q: 5i team: looking forward to the possibility that the us $ may be or approaching to be overvalued. Would at this time with new money to be deployed to a global etf such as xdg. Would 5i recommend hedged or unhedged? Also question 2 could you comment on the last year for performance of xdg verses xdgh? thanks for great service Larry

Read Answer Asked by Larry on October 21, 2019

Q: Good day 5i team:1. Would you consider ZDB as the safest way to beat a high interest savings account for money that may or may not be needed for a uncertain time frame?thus is it the surest to have my capital back? and 2.any thoughts on xdg being the best option available for global diversification outside of Canada with a decent yield for monthly income for retirement? 3.any thoughts on why PBH did not give any downside protection in the recent correction and seems to be not getting any traction since I am down 5% would you advise to hold?TksLarry

Read Answer Asked by Larry on February 28, 2019

Q: I know these iShares ETFs were just released, but wondering if you were able to form an opinion on these based on its current holdings. The MER seems quite reasonable and am wondering you feel these would be suitable to gain diversification outside of Canada.

Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Mike on June 26, 2017