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Q: I find the dividend payment confusing for this ETF. Looking back at data over the last 4 years, i was expecting to see the dividend payment growing, What i found was that in 2018 the 4 dividend payments totaled .$1.15 ) 2019 - $1.32) 2020- $1.05) 2021- .82 cents. From a prior question on this ETF you mentioned they payed a $5.18 in capital gains distribution. Does this mean the fund sells the holdings at the end of the year and pays out the capital gains like a dividend?
Thanks Gord !
Read Answer Asked by Gordon on May 02, 2022
Q: Hi 5i
If unable to answer this Q that's okay.
Surprised at 7% price decline on VIGI - International Dividend ETF.

One Top holding in ETF is down 11% ( Novo nordisk) but that is all I can see.
It went X-Div today but the Annual Div is only 1% total.

Is there anything visible in your data that may reveal how in one day a 1/2 year of gains has been wiped out in a large cap Dividend ETF?
Current price is $US 82.58 down $US 6.12

Read Answer Asked by Dave on December 21, 2021
Q: Few of my international holdings pay dividends and in trying to correct that, I thought of adding SDIV as a new holding. I have the following questions or concern:
1. Many companies held in the ETF are on not that large (for the type of internatinal business a Canadian might want to risk); and
2. SDIV also underweights quality and momentum.

Notwithstanding the above concerns, would you say the ETF is worth adding as part of one's holdings outside North America? Please comment on SDIV, but if you have other ETFs you prefer, kindly advise). Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Adam on July 07, 2021
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