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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I'm interested in investing in a basket of companies that you think have the ability to increase their dividends even in a recessionary environment. Could you please send me some of your favourite ETF's that would give me exposure to these kinds of companies. If possible could you suggest ones that give me the necessary exposure to:
Canadian companies
American companies
International companies.
Thanks for your appreciated support.
Read Answer Asked by Les on October 20, 2023
Q: I need to increase my international exposure by 20% according to your analysis. Because we are retired and depend on our investments to supplement income what companies or ETF would you recommend? Thanks for your input.
Read Answer Asked by diane joan on February 02, 2023
Q: Hello 5i,
How would you compare these two ETF's in terms of overlap in geography and sector allocation? We have both - initially VXUS for International, then adding IDV for both yield and diversification within International. We also hold ZWE, ZWG, and VEE yet we still need to increase our International by about 1.80 %. Yield is very important to us as these will be used for RRIF income in the very immediate future.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, as always!!
Read Answer Asked by Mike on October 28, 2022
Q: Iíd like to start a position in one or more income funds that offer a very high yield, but Iím not sure which ones to choose. As of Wednesday Oct 5th, these are the indicated yields Iíve found:

CLM 23.92%
PDBC 20.65%
SDIV 15.31%
QYLD 14.19%
RYLD 14.05%
XYLD 13.05%
BIGZ 11.01%
JEPI 10.94%
PDO 10.90%
PDI 10.79%
BXMT 10.38%
MPW 10.17%
STWD 9.84%
EIT.UN 9.42%
IDV 8.15%

Would you recommend any of these or do you have other suggestions? Are any of them too risky if the bear market deteriorates from here, or can they all be held long term? Are some of these yields too good to be true, like CLM and PDBC? Thanks for your thoughts.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on October 11, 2022
Q: Hi, my RRSP and TFSA are maxed out with VOO and QQQ. I would like to build non-registered account with some dividend ETFs. What would you buy and what % would you apply to each ? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Yasushi on October 06, 2022
Q: I presently hold this in a RRIF although not much income is generated . I would like to switch to a global or international dividend ETF. What would be your top 3 choices for income, stability and hopefully some growth
Read Answer Asked by Tom on November 24, 2021
Q: After selling a rental property I now have cash that equals approx 25% of my investment portfolio. My goal with this cash would be to create a mini portfolio within 2 TFSA's to produce dividend income to help with everyday expenses for the next 5 years or so. After this time the investments would be sold and incorporated into my balanced portfolio as the income should no longer be needed. I am looking to keep the portfolio to a max of 6 positions that are diversified from a geographical and sector standpoint. I do not have an exact income requirement, but 4% was my initial target. What investments would you suggest to meet my goals? Feel free to deduct as many credits as required.
Read Answer Asked by justin on September 09, 2021
Q: Hi,
I wanted to increase international equity exposure by adding ETFs. I currently own VWO (about 3%). What is your view on VIGI and VEU? Could you suggest 2-3 other names? Thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Martin on October 19, 2020
Q: Hi
In my cash account I want to replace part of my CDZ holding by 4% and increase my US and International by 2% each. I also want to capture the CDZ capital loss. In addition I like the 5.23% dividend.

Would you have any suggestions I was looking at ZSP and VEE as possible replacements and am willing to replace some dividend loss for gains.

I thank you for your time.

Read Answer Asked by Mike on July 14, 2020
Q: Hi 5i Team,
I do not have any international exposure and I am wondering if you would recommend a dividend ETF with some upside potential. What account would it be best held in? Do you think this is a good time to enter? Thanks so much.
Read Answer Asked by Pat on June 22, 2020
Q: I'm going to retire next year and have recently received a inheritance. I have this money in a non registered account. PA is telling me that I need more US and international exposure. I'm looking at ETF's with dividends but being non Canadian holding I will not get the tax credit. Should I still look at dividend ETF's and not worry about the tax? I have a low to median risk for these non Canadian ETF's. I have a diversified group of large cap Canadian stocks to take advantage of the dividend tax credit. Can you give me some names to look at buying?
Thanks Greg
Read Answer Asked by Greg on February 27, 2020
Q: Hello,
I recently asked a question regarding a substitution for vea. You mentionned that a high dividend might be a good approach currently, and you suggested I was wnting to do this in US dollars, however, and i cannot seem to find the US vanguard equivalent of this etf? Is there one?
Read Answer Asked by joseph on February 03, 2020
Q: Hi 5i team,
Please provide your top picks for ETFs that cover International (ex N American) stocks with dividend appreciation tilt. Please also provide your ETF picks for International small/mid cap value stocks.

Read Answer Asked by Willie on January 08, 2020
Q: My wife and I have recently retired and we have enough from CPP, OAS, and a company pension to cover our basic needs. We are bring over about 650K from an investment company that we are not happy with. With that money I would like to earn about 4% in dividend income to pay for vacations, and extras for us. I am thinking of taking 400K and investing it in your income portfolio and 250K in 3 or 4 dividend paying international funds. What are you thoughts? Could you also recommend a few US and International dividend paying ETF's. Thanks for all of your help.
Read Answer Asked by Gerry on October 04, 2018
Q: Being retired my focus is on income and capital preservation in that order. Needing some USD to spend in the south, I have been recommended these income producing ETFs. Do you see any red flags with any of these?
Read Answer Asked by Don on September 13, 2018