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Q: Schedule K1 Tax Form. I was looking at general commodity type funds and see that DBC and PDBC seem somewhat similar if looking at their commodity portfolios. Both deal with 14 traded commodities. Was using as the information source.

DBC seems to have more trading volume and also a higher mgmt expense (0.87%).
PDBC has mgmt expense of 0.62% and assets under mgmt seem to be approx 6Bil. vs 2.53Bil with DBC

One difference noticed is that the structure of PDBC doesn't result in the creation of a Schedule K1 Tax Form while DBC does.

Please explain to me like I'm a 12 year old and that I have a "BIG RED L" on my ETF/ETN trading knowledge and trades vehicle.... what significance is the K1 thing and what sort of pitfalls do I need to be aware of if trades are being done in non-registered accounts? Does the K1 have the potential to add complexity and hassle at tax time?

Thanks for all that you folks at 5i are doing. Much appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Richard on January 17, 2023
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