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Investment Q&A

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Q: Hi 5i:

Can the Price to Earnings ratio (P/E) be used to determine the valuation of these yield plays or should I be looking at the Net Asset Value (NAV) instead?

Using P/E they rank cheapest to most expensive as: DFN, FIE, ZWC and EIT.UN. Is that accurate and if not, how would you rank them, cheapest to most expensive?

Thanks in advance,

Read Answer Asked by Greg on July 28, 2021

Q: Good morning! I note that you've rarely had much to say that is positive about EIT.UN. Most recently you suggested that XIC would be a better choice, and I don't understand why. ( For one thing it seems to be an apples/oranges comparison.) EIT.UN is up almost 40% in 52 weeks. And why should I care too much about the disparity in fees, if the one yields 10% and the other, less than 3%?
Regarding return of capital, I know that is has always been high, but here is the breakdown from my 2020 T3:
R.o.C. 42.7%
Cap. Gains 53.3%
el. Dividends 4.0%

Read Answer Asked by chris on May 12, 2021

Q: I have positions in several ETFs trading on the TSE. I like to keep up to date on major holding changes and weightings within each ETF. Is there a good (one stop shop) source of updated information, other than going on to the separate ETF company websites?

Read Answer Asked by Edward on August 05, 2020

Q: What are your thoughts on EIT? It seems, at the moment, to be trading well below NAV. When I read the list of top 25 holdings, it mostly looks reasonable to me. But I'm not sure I understand their press release:
"[EIT] announces today that it has determined to suspend the Premium Distribution(TM) component and Distribution Reinvestment component of its Premium Distribution(TM), Distribution Reinvestment and Optional Cash Purchase Plan (the "DRIP") ".
I get that they've cancelled the DRIP but what is the Premium Distribution? What is the forward dividend at this time?

Read Answer Asked by Peter on March 25, 2020

Q: Like a few of your previous questions I find myself in the pleasant position of being overweight BIP.UN { 21.4 % for the third time } and BEP.UN { 5.6 % } . The latter is only marginally overweight so I'm good with that. The former will be trimmed to 15 % for the third time. I know that is still too high but I'm comfortable with it. I was planning on deploying the funds taking a 4 % position in EIT.UN and 2 % into cash. But I've noticed that 5 I generally recommends taking at " least " a 5 % position in ETF's. I wouldn't be adverse to that as it has a juicy yield. I realize that weightings are a personal decision so I'll ask it this way. Between what percentage weighting low to high would 5 I recommend I make my decision in a moderately conservative portfolio ? Also I have done my due diligence on EIT.UN... I'm aware of the MER. I'm aware of the energy weighting. And I'm aware of being capped by a covered call strategy.... What I don't know is the return of capital and how much this should affect my decision . On their tax page I see capital gains as a return of 48 % and return of capital as 46 %. To make it meaningful should one be subtracted from the other ? Basically I'd like to know what the number is and " how to ? " and " should I ? " use it in making my investment decision ? Also in the selling of the 6 % BIP.UN should I wait to receive my free shares before doing so ? ... Thank you for your terrific service.....

Read Answer Asked by Garth on November 28, 2019

Q: Would you please give me your current opinion of this stock. The price seems to have stayed in a trading range of $ 8.30 - 8.90 this year, much lower than previous years. However, it still continues to pay the high dividend & has done now for some 15 years or so.

Even with the decline in price it still has a good overall yield.

EIT is another high yield stock. What do you think of it.


Read Answer Asked by Ross on September 02, 2019

Q: Never heard of EIT.UN until I saw question here the other day so I had a look at it. As well as looking at previous 5I questions and answers. What 5I doesn't like appears to be the fees and 20% weigthing in energy. Looking at it this is what I see.

1} Over the past five years trading between ten and thirteen dollars. Currently trading at the lower end. I assume because of oil and gas stocks being hammered. Though there is always the possiblity of going lower I have to think that sector is near bottom.... I have no representation in oil and gas so whatever percentage of " energy " they have in oil and gas as 20% of a 4% position in EIT.UN doesn't seem unreasonable.

2} If I were to insert EIT.UN in 5I's income portfolio I would in comparison classify it as lower risk, lower volatility, and higher yield than many in there. So assessing it from a risk point of view doesn't seem any more than other securities in there.

As a covered call ETF I realize up or down swings may be capped. But what I see is the bottom end of the trading range nearby { maybe nine bucks if things go for a tumble setting aside a 2008 2009 scenario where it was somewhere around 7 dollars } and the upside if lucky maybe twelve or thirteen dollars. That seems low risk for an 11.5% yield.....

Please comment on my reasoning ? I trust 5I's opinion way more than mine....Also what are the fees ? On their site they list three numbers ranging from 1% to 2.8%.... And would a 4% weighting be appropriate in a moderately conservative portfolio that is comfortable keeping the odd high yielder in there ?.......Thanks for your great work and advice.

Read Answer Asked by Garth on August 29, 2019