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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: My question is about tax efficiencies on yields and distributions.
Has anyone created a table to demonstrate the tax implications for stocks? Can this be easily determined? Should REITs always be in TFSAs? What are the tax savings regular acct vs TFSA? How or what would the dividend tax calculation be for the stocks I mentioned?

Thanks for your support

Read Answer Asked by Mark on June 22, 2022

Q: My wife has $75,000 to invest in her TFSA, in which she is also holding 100 shares of TD Bank along with 100 shares of TD in an RSP. She is retiring in a month has a defined pension plan, CPP, OAS. But she is still looking for dividend income either monthly or quarterly to supplement her income.
We are looking at going with "Beating the TSX Portfolio 2022" but also looking at ZWU and ZWC which look like they could bring in more income but higher fees. What are your thoughts? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Brian on February 16, 2022

Q: I bought enb about 3 months ago, I am up a little on it, I keep hearing that other pipelines have a better growth profile on dividend payouts, I was thinking of selling it and buying another pipleline, ala, ppl,ket etc. I also own a little ppl, both in a non tax account. What would do you think?

Read Answer Asked by auftar on February 15, 2022

Q: My only oil/gas exposure is via the pipeline stocks listed. I am virtually at a break even point on PPL and up on TRP and ENB. I am thinking that some exposure to a oil producer is a good thing. I am thinking of selling PPL and using the proceeds to buy SU. Thoughts?

Read Answer Asked by Ken on January 21, 2022

Q: Good morning,

I just sold a US stock in my Non Registered US$ account that was paying dividends in US $ and was subject to a withholding tax.

I'm now considering the purchase of ENB for a solid and good dividend and would appreciate your thoughts on the following:

Q1. Is there any advantage of purchasing ENB in my Can$ Non Registered account over purchasing ENB in my US$ Non Registered account.

Q2. If I buy ENB in my US$ Non Registered account, on the US stock exchange, would ENB:US dividends be taxed as income and subject to a withholding tax?

I thank you and look forward to hearing your sage advice.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on January 12, 2022

Q: These companies pay high dividends. Any red flags?
Are the dividends relatively safe?
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Steven on December 03, 2021

Q: Please rank re: distribution increases and share appreciation. Any other suggestions for income/safety would be welcome.

Read Answer Asked by Steven on November 18, 2021

Q: Good morning,

My plan is to purchase $50K of BX:US in my US$ non registered account but have insufficient US$ in my US$ non registered account to complete the transaction.

To save on the currency exchange cost, I'm thinking of purchasing approx $60K of ENB.CA and then journal the stock to my US$ non registered account.
Once ENB:CA has been journaled to my US$ non registered account, I would then sell the ENB:US stock and purchase BX:US for a long term hold.

Question1: Is ENB:CA a good candidate for this strategy?
Question 2: What are your thoughts on purchasing BX:US for a long term hold?
Thank you for your insight on this.

Read Answer Asked by Francesco on September 14, 2021

Q: This is my margin portfolio, all position weightings are between 3%-5%.

The projected yield is 3.31% with a 3-5 year hold.

I realize 24 positions is a bit overkill but I can't seem to choose which to remove, which would you recommend?

What positions would you add to the portfolio?

Take as many credits as needed.

Thanks for the great service

Read Answer Asked by Robert on April 26, 2021

Q: Greetings 5i team,
I am looking to sell my shares in IPL (hopefully at a higher bid than currently offered by Brookfield Infrastructure) and replace them with another pipeline company. I can either add to my current position in ENB, or put the money into TRP. Can you please compare the balance sheet strength of both companies, future growth prospects, and dividend growth prospects? ENB recently raised its dividend by 3%, while TRP raised its dividend by 7%. Is TRP the better income stock moving forward? I'm a long-term investor with a 10-yr + investment horizon.
Many thanks,

Read Answer Asked by Brian on February 23, 2021

Q: ENB pays a good dividend and seems poised to do well; however, why would an otherwise dividend-oriented investor not sell somewhat out-of-the-money naked puts? If the market corrects to the point you are assigned on your puts, you are merely forced to buy at a price featuring a superior dividend yield while having collected a put premium. Thoughts? (I.e. about ENB and/or other stocks for which this might be a good strategy)

Read Answer Asked by David on February 11, 2021

Q: Hi Peter and team
1. Can you see the new US Prst energy policies impacting ENB share price favourably?
2. Also, NIO dropped over 7% last Friday -- I assume this is normal volatility for NIO. What would you see as the key strengths and weaknesses of NIO going forward?
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by TOM on January 20, 2021

Q: I sold ENB for tax loss purposes. My interest is capital gains and a good dividend. Should I replace the sold holding with ENB, KMI, PPL, or TRP? I like both ENB and TRP but find it hard to choose between the two. What would you recommend among the four and why?

Read Answer Asked by George on December 16, 2020

Q: Hi
We are considering tax loss selling ENB -- we've only lost about 8% on ENB. This is because of the trend towards renewables. We don't rely on the dividend, although it is quite good at over 10%. You said ENB plans to continue to increase the dividend going forward. But if the stock price doesn't rise as a result of policies of the new US Administration, or if it goes down, would that cause ENB to reconsider their high dividend? What would cause ENB to adjust the dividend? It is a nice buffer to a drop in share price.

We are also interested get concerned and and replacing it with SEDG. You mentioned on 3 Nov that you "would consider it a 'slow' buy with a partial position into the decline. The shareholder base may churn a bit on these results and it might stay week for a month or so." Do you still hold to this view?
Given the renewables trend, we are considering moving from ENB to SEDG.
Thanks once again for your very useful advice.

Read Answer Asked by TOM on November 26, 2020