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Q: I've held these partial positions for some time now and am below water on all but NTR.

The objective here is income with some growth.

If all positions were sold and you had to consolidate all proceeds into just one of the four options provided, which would you choose and why?

What would you choose if you were forced to sell all four and reposition into one new company?
Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 07, 2024
Q: Hi there,

Im a longtime holder of both these names.

I understand AQN is a very large shareholder of AY. I read today that a sale of AY is maybe imminent. AY has been moving up last few days.

Please update this, Id like to know details, the likely sale price/share range, and the effect on share prices of both company.

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 03, 2024
Q: I am finally going to dump my AQN holdings and would like to redeploy capital to get similar dividend yield. I hold hold postions in all of the other stocks listed. How would you rank order them in terms of value/upside and are there any particular standouts which you would recommend for a buy now. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Gary on November 28, 2023
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