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Q: I am growing increasingly impatient with GIB.A, PKI, and RTX. I am considering replacing each of these with the company I have indicated after them. What are your thoughts? OR should I temper my impatience?
Much appreciated as always. ram

Read Answer Asked by Ray on October 08, 2020

Q: This is actually a followup question to your answer to Steve's question from earlier this morning.

I also hold a core position in TRP. Dividend investor. Intended to hold 'forever'. I'm 43.

I couldn't tell from your answer to Steve's question whether you view TRP as a 'BUY', 'SELL', 'HOLD' or 'GRADUALLY TRIM UNTIL DIVESTED'. You had previously opined that oil will likely subsist as a fuel source in demand for 20+ years. That would take me to age 63. What do you think is the likelihood that TRP continues to pay and grow its dividend for say, 50 years? I know given the time frame, this is a very difficult, speculative, predictive question, but your guess is better than mine. I don't want to hang on to this position only to have to sell it at a massive loss 20 years from now, but that is the scenario that appears to be gradually unfolding now.

I hold a fairly concentrated portfolio of 20 companies, equally-weighted, and each is selected with the intention of holding for their sustained, rising dividend payments in perpetuity. When this is threatened, either imminently or in the medium to long-term, I sell. I sold SU when they cut their dividend and am glad I did.

Given this context, should I exit TRP? If so, should I use the proceeds to start a new position in AQN? I already own FTS and EMA, would this be too much overlap or too much utilities exposure? If so, I am relatively light on Consumer Discretionary (only hold CTC.A in this sector and have been eyeing QSR - do you think a switch from TRP to QSR would make more sense?

Please deduct as many credits as necessary, this was actually *many* questions in one.

Read Answer Asked by Walter on October 05, 2020

Q: Hi,

I purchased these utility and telecoms largely because of their low beta. In the recent downturn, they fell as much or more than hi growth stocks like SHOP, FB, AMZN or NVDA. AQN was down over 40%?? How do you account for that? Seems to me I'm better off ignoring 'safety' and going for growth?

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on March 25, 2020
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