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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: All four securities are held in a US TFSA at ~2% - 2.5% positions each. I would like to deploy available funds to either take two of the positions to 3.5% or add to all four at 0.5% ea. Seeking market recovery growth over the next 2-4 years, which strategy would you deploy? If only two were added to, which ones would they be, if it were you?

Thanks for all you do for us little guys.

Read Answer Asked by Tony on October 20, 2022

Q: Given the nice run up in Nutrien is now a time to sell and look for other opportunities? I know this stock has long term potential, but Iím concerned with itís cyclical in my retirement portfolio and with events such as end of the war (which would be a good thing) could negatively impact the price of these shares. Is there another materials type of stock that may be preferred in a dividend focused portfolio?

Read Answer Asked by Gerry on October 15, 2022

Q: My portfolio analysis indicates I am somewhat uderweight in basic material. My present holdings are FNV and NTR. Now that I am retired, my risk level should be considered low to moderate. Dividends are not particularly important. Could you suggest 2 or 3 companies in that sector that have good prospects over the next 5 years. If none are particularly interesting at this time, I would rather wait. In the same vein, could I suggest adding the option of searching by specific sectors in Questions? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by jacques on June 03, 2022

Q: Given the possibility of a recession and the certainty of volatility for the next couple years, can you give me 4 CDN and 4 US stocks/etf's, you think might provide some safety and reliable, albeit moderated returns? The equities I've listed are my ideas.

Read Answer Asked by Graeme on May 20, 2022

Q: Hi,
I sold my NTR back in Dec for some tax loss selling in margin account. I bought MOS as a proxy and its up 20% since then. Should I switch back to NTR now or keep holding MOS? Would have to report a gain on MOS now if I switched back. How does NTR and MOS compare now and what are the growth prospects going forward. Looking at historical performance, they move somewhat in tandem to each other. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on February 09, 2022

Q: I am considering to buy from above stocks Please advice.
Your opinion is always highly appreciated and has always
been Fruitful.

Read Answer Asked by Nizar on November 02, 2021

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan & 5i,
I am looking for seven great Canadian dividend stocks that are listed on US exchanges that pay their dividends in US $. I have about 70K US$ to invest.
Much appreciated and thanks for the great service. Ivan

Read Answer Asked by Ivan on October 08, 2021

Q: Precious metals having a good day today, assuming its mainly because of the hot inflation numbers coming out. Do you see these stocks having more room to run? I own the above. Can you rank the above stocks in terms of the inflationary environment and which have the best growth and potential. Which sectors would do the best? Also I'm low in energy, would that sector do well if inflation persists or is it mainly driven by energy prices? Do you still see inflation as transitory or more persistent? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on July 14, 2021

Q: This is my margin portfolio, all position weightings are between 3%-5%.

The projected yield is 3.31% with a 3-5 year hold.

I realize 24 positions is a bit overkill but I can't seem to choose which to remove, which would you recommend?

What positions would you add to the portfolio?

Take as many credits as needed.

Thanks for the great service

Read Answer Asked by Robert on April 26, 2021

Q: In my previous question about Earth Alive Clean Technology you mentioned the % of insider and institutional holding, wouldnít you view that as a positive , especially for such a small company? The market for the sectors theyíre in is very large, with the above companies Iíve referenced, if Earth Alive Clean can grab an increase in market share with their new products it could transformational for them , no?

Read Answer Asked by Allen on February 04, 2021

Q: My Materials sector needs to be increased to about 10% of portfolio - currently I have only 1.3% - all held in KL (underwater 15%).
I note you have ccl.b in the Balanced Portfolio but it does not seem to be in your recent recommendations for Materials ? ?
At the moment my shopping list looks like this:
LUN, IVN, ERO, NEO, NTR, RS, FCX, XGD ( Sell KL ??) , CCL.b ??
Would appreciate your assessment and comments and suggestions for alternatives. Dividend not necessary.
Use whatever number of question credits req'd. Thanks as always.

Read Answer Asked by Alexandra on January 19, 2021

Q: I recently purchased NTR:US within my USA TFSA. With a 15% withholding tax applicable, I thought it still remained beneficial though with accruing the USD within the account.
Not sure this is the most beneficial strategy long term, and I am thinking of transferring the security to CAD TFSA instead. What you recommend?

Read Answer Asked by Tom on January 11, 2021

Q: I am overweight in the Utilities sector and underweight in Materials. I am considering selling some BEPC and using that cash to add to Materials. Is NTR recognized as belonging to Materials in the Portfolio Analytics ? What other suggestions would you have for Materials stocks at this time?
By the way I have found the Portfolio Analytics a great tool for following and planning my investments -Thank you for your great services .

Read Answer Asked by Elizabeth on December 20, 2020