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Q: It seems that the BAM stock had a split on Dec 12 2022.

4 old BAM shares gave rise 1 BN share & 4 new BAM shares.

On Dec 9 ( a Friday), the Value of old BAM was us$43.15

On Dec 12 (the next Monday), BN was valued at US$33.64 and new BAM was valued at US$32.40.

So the 4 shares valued at us$172.60 before the split were worth US$163.24 after the split.

FYI, I am using avg prices as reported on Google Finance. It seems like a 5% drop on Day 1.


1. Is my calculation correct?
2. are the prices of BAM and BN on Dec 12 2022 dependent on the Dec price on Dec 9 2022 or determined well in advance?


Read Answer Asked by V on February 14, 2023

Q: December 2022 sold BBU and BBUC for tax loss using BN as a proxy. Now after 30 days considering whether best move is to buy back BBU or add to BAM or BIPC or standstill for awhile. BN is 4.5%, BEP is 3.55%, BIP is 2.52% and BAM is .97% of my portfolio where the investment objective is to hold a growth-leaning dividend-paying balanced portfolio. What would be your choice?

Read Answer Asked by William Ross on February 06, 2023
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