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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I was thinking of switching BEPC to other Brookfield security. Which one of this three would have best risk reward outcome over next year or two given current prices.

Read Answer Asked by dhiraj on March 15, 2022

Q: Dear 5i,
If I hold BIPC.CA, BIPC.US, BEPC.CA, or BEPC.US in my non-registered Canadian account. do I have include them if I have to file Form T1135.
If yes what is the country code?

Read Answer Asked by Ian on June 30, 2021

Q: Hi,
I have two questions on my TFSA:
1) Bought ENB at around @49 back in 2018, going no where since then (other than dividends). Is it good time to trade for BEP? (ENB is currently my only stock on the fossil fuel/energy space).
2) If I buy BEP for TFSA, which one makes most sense, BEP as PEPC? US vs. Canada-listed?
Thank you for your guidance as always.

Read Answer Asked by Martin on February 10, 2021

Q: Can you provide your current top 4 or 5 canadian dividend picks? Looking to invest my TFSA contribution next week.



Read Answer Asked by Joe on January 04, 2021

Q: After the reorganization of BEP.UN, I hold over 8% (for all 3) in a RRIF.
Is it worth trimming down to 1 or 2 of these and which would be better for long term hold in a RIFF?
The portfolio is otherwise fairly balanced but leaning overweight in financials and solid Dividend payers.
Thanks for the continuing advice!

Read Answer Asked by Linda on September 03, 2020

Q: For a non-regustered account, with the price difference at about 8 dollars would it be better overall for income to purchase BIP.UN if you had a fixed dollar amount to invest for the additional shares you would get over purchasing BEPC even considering the dividend tax credit benefit of BEPC..

Read Answer Asked by Ralph on August 26, 2020