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Q: Good Morning

I have a non registered account solely for Canadian listed US Dividend payers. My timing isnít great but I need to raise some US cash within the next year. My untouchables are BAM and CSU. Of the remaining 3 holdings which between TRI,BEP and AQN would you sell first.

Thank you

Read Answer Asked by Marty on May 05, 2022

Q: Its a given we are collectively heading (long term) toward a carbon neutral future. We have also seen how fragile current energy supply is with the shortages caused by current European conflicts.
So...the question is on nuclear. How viable is it as a source of clean stable energy going forward, and how does one get exposure to companies in this space CDN or US. I am slowly reducing my fossil fuel exposure and now hold the captioned stocks. BEP fits the mandate I'm sure; how about BP?

Read Answer Asked by Harry on April 07, 2022
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