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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: These stocks of the same company appear to be trading at around a difference of US$10. The 5i blog is very helpful in explaining the difference in the two classes of shares and notes that the only real difference between them is that the BIPC class of share has a broader range of appeal for certain buyers and therefore greater demand than the BIP class.

So my question. Is the current difference in pricing related solely to a greater demand for the BIPC shares? Maybe I have missed something?

Read Answer Asked by angus on March 08, 2023

Q: Good morning - I sold an interest in BEPC to generate losses over thirty days ago. My intention was to buy back in as I do like the whole Brookfield family. I still have BEPC plus positions in BIPC and BN. I do like dividends but I have a ten year horizon and am wondering which Brookfield to purchase. Your guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Al

Read Answer Asked by alex on February 15, 2023

Q: December 2022 sold BBU and BBUC for tax loss using BN as a proxy. Now after 30 days considering whether best move is to buy back BBU or add to BAM or BIPC or standstill for awhile. BN is 4.5%, BEP is 3.55%, BIP is 2.52% and BAM is .97% of my portfolio where the investment objective is to hold a growth-leaning dividend-paying balanced portfolio. What would be your choice?

Read Answer Asked by William Ross on February 06, 2023

Q: Year-end results were published this morning. FFO was up substantially which Net Earnings were down considerably. Would you provide your Comments on this and how these results should be interpreted?

Also, would you please explain what the differences are between these two companies & why there is not just one stock?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Ross on February 02, 2023

Q: Hello 5i,
I hold bep:us and bepc:us also bip:us and bipc:us. Is it worth trading in the bep:us for bipc:us and bep:us for bepc:us? Is there much advantage to do that? If so what is the most efficient way to do that?

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on January 18, 2023

Q: I am a 76 year old income investor. 3% of my portfolio is held in BIP, BIPC and BEP. I just sold my CU for my RRIF withdrawal. I now have about $40,000 with which to invest in our TFSA accounts. Analytics shows I need 5% more of healthcare, industrials and technology. I am thinking of adding BIPC.TO. and/or CPX to replace the CU. Please provide other income ideas.
Thank you

Read Answer Asked by STANLEY on January 09, 2023

Q: I have been following the Questions and have been a keen reader of the opaque notices and statements from Brookfield . I own units in all the subsidiaries mentioned above too. So I am trying to keep position size of each in mind when I look at the BN holding corp and allocate it to the various sectors, Months ago, before the split you had answered a question confirming that the BAM.A sectoral breakout was 39% financial, 35% RE, 16% industrial, 10% energy?? Does this breakout still apply to BN and/or BAM or is there a new breakout given the spinout of the new corporation.

Read Answer Asked by William Ross on December 20, 2022

Q: Hello Peter,
According to your response, Veritas Research put a sell on BIP.UN; where do you get latest upgrades / downgrades as on the TD app, i have not seen it yet; also, do you agree with this assessment? From what i have read so far, it is solid.. when downgrades are done, is it due to current situation only or does company, Veritas, feel long term outlook is not good for BIP.UN ? Is this something Brookfield would respond to or they would rather focus on the business and let results speak for themselves? Thanks very much

Read Answer Asked by umedali on December 20, 2022

Q: I wish to increase Infrastructure holdings. Currently own BIP -2% [utility sector], WSP - 1%, PHO - 1%.
1. What percentage would you recommend for infrastructure -growth at a reasonable price? 2. What other stocks/ETFs would you add to the mix - agree with J. 3. Others? 4. What percentage would you recommend for each?
thank you

Read Answer Asked by sam on April 29, 2022

Q: Q1: I have QCOM for quite some time. I am thing to sell it and buy higher growth NVDA and CRWD. What is your opinion? What other US growth company do you suggest?
Q2: I have PKI and AQN which are going nowhere. I have TRP also which has gained recently but is still down from its high. I am thinking to sell all three and buy higher growth GSY and NVEI. What other CDN growth company do you suggest? What order should I sell PKI, AQN and TRP?
Q3: What growth companies will be impacted positively from high energy prices and higher inflation? Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Dev on October 28, 2021

Q: I'd like your opinion in regard to which of the above would be the best investment over the next five years? Perhaps you could rank them from highest to lowest in your opinion. I've included BIP because of their likely acquistion of IPL and the broad level of infrastructure that they represent. With thanks, Don

Read Answer Asked by Donald on August 11, 2021

Q: Hello friends,

I own IPL:CA in my RRSP account and, since I like BIP, I would like to continue with them.

As we know, the offer is $CAD 20 or 0.25 of a BIPC:CA share subject to proration.

However, there is a fairly large price differential between BIP:US/BIP.UN:CA and BIPC:US/BIPC:CA and I would like to take advantage of that.

My plan is to tender for cash and then buy BIP:US/BIP.UN:CA.

Is there any tax impact on holding BIP:US/BIP.UN:CA (a Bermuda LP) vs holding BIPC:US/BIPC:CA (a Canadian corp) in an RRSP account e.g. withheld taxes?

Does my plan make sense?

Thank you for your valuable advice.

Read Answer Asked by Iulian on August 11, 2021

Q: Now that Brookfield Renewable has come down so much, how does the valuation compare to Brookfield Infrastructure?

Read Answer Asked by Michael on June 01, 2021