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Q: I hold both of these and I realize it's difficult to compare an ETF to a single stock I was thinking of selling one and putting it in the other. My thought process was once the war is over the Ukraine will need a lot of help in therefore the ETF. Considering my age being 73 what would you suggest

Read Answer Asked by Bonnie on October 28, 2022

Q: Somewhat unexpectedly, I will need to raise about $200,000 in the next few months. I'm trying to think through my options and would like your perspective. I can think of three approaches, perhaps there are more. I'm near retirement but employment is secure and there is no compelling reason to retire. I own a home in Toronto that has a small remaining mortgage (less than 10% of market value). No other debts.
1. sell stocks in a non-reg account to raise the funds. Assume a mix of stocks in the red and in the black so there would be little net tax consequence. Plan to replenish the account over 5 or 6 years.
2. borrow the funds and plan to pay off the loan over the same 5 or 6 years.
3. sell stocks as in #1, but then also borrow the same amount to replenish the sold stocks over a shorter period of time, say 6 to 12 months through calendar 2023, legging in to dollar cost average. Pay off the borrowed funds over 5 or 6 years. Interest expense on the borrowed funds in this case would be tax deductible.
Part of the decision relates to expected interest rates over the timeframe and the shape of the (expected) recovery. If we assume 4 to 6% average interest rate over the life of the loan but a more significant bounce in equity markets, then option 3 makes sense. But I am not sure I've considered everything, including risk.
If you think option 3 makes sense, could you suggest 5 - 10 lower-risk stocks (dividend growth / growth) with the noted timeframe in mind. Many thanks and take as many credits as needed.

Read Answer Asked by David on October 27, 2022

Q: Hello,
Which of the Brookfield companies quality for the dividend tax credit?
Also, which Canadian dividend ETF’s also quality for the dividend tax credit you would recommend?
Thanks for your great service.

Read Answer Asked by David on October 19, 2022
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