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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I've held these partial positions for some time now and am below water on all but NTR.

The objective here is income with some growth.

If all positions were sold and you had to consolidate all proceeds into just one of the four options provided, which would you choose and why?

What would you choose if you were forced to sell all four and reposition into one new company?
Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 07, 2024
Q: Hi there,

Iím a longtime holder of both these names.

I understand AQN is a very large shareholder of AY. I read today that a sale of AY is maybe imminent. AY has been moving up last few days.

Please update this, Iíd like to know details, the likely sale price/share range, and the effect on share prices of both company.

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Robert on May 03, 2024
Q: I am finally going to dump my AQN holdings and would like to redeploy capital to get similar dividend yield. I hold hold postions in all of the other stocks listed. How would you rank order them in terms of value/upside and are there any particular standouts which you would recommend for a buy now. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Gary on November 28, 2023
Q: I have a strong cash position in my RRIF and wish to reinvest in good growth/Dividend stocks for the long term. Could you suggest 3 CDN and 3 USD companies for todays market and holding long term.
Read Answer Asked by Linda on November 20, 2023
Q: I am starting to plan for year end tax losses taking. Although these companies pay good dividends, I have capital losses greater than the dividend income. Do you have any thoughts on the potential of these companies to recover in 2024.
Read Answer Asked by Nancy on November 08, 2023
Q: The other day a member asked about utility companies being takeover candidates and you closed your answer by saying:

"Companies we think would prefer stock deals and may be loathe to add more debt right now. But, AQN, ALA, TA, RNW, CPX and INE are probably getting a little antsy right now about overtures."

I am not sure how to interpret the "getting antsy" reference; are you saying these companies could potentially be subject to a takeover? If so, most of the time that would be a good thing but are you thinking that these companies are in bad shape and would be forced into a distressed (low ball) sale? Thanks much for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on October 24, 2023
Q: I have been out of the loop for a while (due to a few health concerns) and have found these two stocks, Fiera and Algonquin, fallen since I last checked in on them.

Is Fiera, then, a SELL? I see that it is diminished in the portfolio, but still hanging in there. If this company is no longer a good proposition, could you suggest a replacement for a steady income/dividend, as that is a priority now in my stage of investing.

And same applies to Algonquin. Is that a good proposition to hold, or can it be replaced now with something with more vitality?

Thanks for your help, as always.

Please deduct points accordingly, as this is a "two-fer". : )
Read Answer Asked by Sylvia on July 11, 2023
Q: Hi,
I need to sell all the stocks in my non-registered account to access the cash in the next 2-5 years. I will be selling many of the stocks listed, in the next few weeks. Can you list them in SELL order with a few comments on the rationale.
Also, please list the top 10 Canadian stocks (from this list or others) for longterm holding, since I will buy some of them back in one of my registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA), likely over the next 2 years.
Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Camille on May 30, 2023
Q: Good Morning

I have a non registered account solely for Canadian listed US Dividend payers. My timing isnít great but I need to raise some US cash within the next year. My untouchables are BAM and CSU. Of the remaining 3 holdings which between TRI,BEP and AQN would you sell first.

Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Marty on May 05, 2022
Q: I just heard about AQNU. I gather that the yield is 7.87% until June 15, 2024 when a contract to purchase AQN stock is exercised according to a preset formula. What exactly is AQNU - a hybrid? Can this type of instrument be held in an RRSP?

If I'd like to end up with some AQN eventually, why wouldn't I buy AQNU now, get the 7.87% yield, and then on June 15, 2024 receive AQN stock?
Thank you for all your insightful answers over the years - I've learned so much!
Read Answer Asked by Elaine on April 18, 2022
Q: My wife has $75,000 to invest in her TFSA, in which she is also holding 100 shares of TD Bank along with 100 shares of TD in an RSP. She is retiring in a month has a defined pension plan, CPP, OAS. But she is still looking for dividend income either monthly or quarterly to supplement her income.
We are looking at going with "Beating the TSX Portfolio 2022" but also looking at ZWU and ZWC which look like they could bring in more income but higher fees. What are your thoughts? Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on February 16, 2022
Q: hello,
What would be your pick of six or seven Canadian names for a concentrated portfolio for "safe" and reliable income. Open to income trusts as well. Is my list "ok". What would you change? Aiming for better than 5% yield. Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Carlo on February 07, 2022
Q: I have held AQN in my TFSA since 2012. Given your recent comments on it as more of a "hold" than growth as well as my attempt to pivot my TFSA away from income to more of a more growth tilt am wondering if it is time to "graduate" AQN to my income-with-growth leaning non-reg account before year end? I also hold FTS, BEP and BIP in my non-reg accounts. I am retired investor but do not depend upon my investment income and challenged by a 43% marginal tax rate with this move.
Read Answer Asked by William Ross on November 19, 2021
Q: Hi We are a retired couple using our rrifs for income. We have been waiting for the right time to put our 10% cash to work. Please advise in order which of these selections to top up is best now or wait or don't buy at all.
Read Answer Asked by Peter on October 20, 2021
Q: Hi Peter, Ryan & 5i,
I am looking for seven great Canadian dividend stocks that are listed on US exchanges that pay their dividends in US $. I have about 70K US$ to invest.
Much appreciated and thanks for the great service. Ivan
Read Answer Asked by Ivan on October 08, 2021