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Investment Q&A

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Q: Why are the renewable energy companies performing so poorly for so long (more than two years going by BEP.UN, BLX and INE, for example)? With all governments around the world all pushing for clean energy and yet these companies' SP performance are not reflected in the TSX? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Victor on February 05, 2024
Q: hi,
I own these as a basket of these smaller renewable stocks ( I own other larger names including Brookfield renew. as well ). the share price of these is struggling. what are your current thoughts on the balance sheets, growth prospects etc. If possible could you rate as a buy, hold,sell, and flag any that are in significant financial difficulty. my feelings are to just hold them all, perhaps a few get takeover offers, and prices move up when rates go down?
cheers, chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on January 30, 2024
Q: Hi 5i,
Happy New Year!
Of the 5 Green Utility stocks listed, could you please list them in order of preference (best to worst) with a short explanation of 1) why and 2) the pros and cons for each stock at this time?

Thank you.
Read Answer Asked by Brian on January 03, 2024
Q: The other day a member asked about utility companies being takeover candidates and you closed your answer by saying:

"Companies we think would prefer stock deals and may be loathe to add more debt right now. But, AQN, ALA, TA, RNW, CPX and INE are probably getting a little antsy right now about overtures."

I am not sure how to interpret the "getting antsy" reference; are you saying these companies could potentially be subject to a takeover? If so, most of the time that would be a good thing but are you thinking that these companies are in bad shape and would be forced into a distressed (low ball) sale? Thanks much for your excellent service.

Read Answer Asked by Leonard on October 24, 2023
Q: Can you please tell me the estimated forward P/E for the above 4 utilities. Could you please rate from best to worse for potential total return over the next 2-3 years.
Read Answer Asked by Grant on October 12, 2023
Q: I am a 70-year old retiree interested in purchasing INE.PR.A as a long term investment for income. I am more interested in preserving capital than capital gains. Although this security is rated only 4h by the rating agencies, Innergex would seem to have good business prospects and sufficient cash flow to continue paying dividends on their preferred shares. What do you think?
Read Answer Asked by David on August 28, 2023
Q: Why are renewable energy stocks like the three names above performed so poorly in the last year or two? Isn't all governments are promoting renewable energies and these stocks should flourish and not sink?
Read Answer Asked by Victor on February 13, 2023
Q: Hi 5i,

I currently own the above noted renewable energy utilities. I am thinking of selling AQN. If I did so, (and I would like to keep it in renewables) would you recommend putting the proceeds towards one of the above or something like NPI or possibly a renewable energy ETF. Could you recommend 1 to 3 ETFs?

Read Answer Asked by Brian on November 15, 2022
Q: hi, these equities are overvalued, over-leveraged, with shrinking earnings, according to Morningstar Canadian Dangerous strategy. do you think any are compelling sells now, and which would you Hold?
thanks, Chris
Read Answer Asked by chris on March 31, 2022
Q: What's lit a fire under the renewables all of a sudden? The market has suddenly fallen in love with them again? Is this a temporary fling or likely to last?
Read Answer Asked by John on March 01, 2022
Q: With the expected increase in electricity needs from the world-wide introduction of electric vehicles, I would like to establish a full position in one or two of the above renewable power companies. Would you please rank them in terms of current valuation, debt, revenue growth and dividend growth. Which would be your overall preference for a 5-10 year hold? If you have another recommendation, what would it be?

That you for all the assistance you provide the DIY investor.

Read Answer Asked by Don on January 17, 2022
Q: Renewable energy has been beaten up over the last year and seems to be fairly cheap at the moment. With quantitative tightening and raising interest rates on the horizon, would it be prudent to wait to see what happens with inflation before moving into this sector? Which of these names do you prefer? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 14, 2022
Q: I see INE has dropped nearly 50% in last year. It offers a dividend over 4% now.
I like the sector, and the giant investment to be announced this week for offshore windmills on the U.S. East coast might help sentiment of the depressed sector and tenders should follow suit to support ongoing growth.
How would you assess this security in light of an income account at this point?
Read Answer Asked by Daniel on January 14, 2022