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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: hi, these equities are overvalued, over-leveraged, with shrinking earnings, according to Morningstar Canadian Dangerous strategy. do you think any are compelling sells now, and which would you Hold?
thanks, Chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on March 31, 2022

Q: What's lit a fire under the renewables all of a sudden? The market has suddenly fallen in love with them again? Is this a temporary fling or likely to last?

Read Answer Asked by John on March 01, 2022

Q: With the expected increase in electricity needs from the world-wide introduction of electric vehicles, I would like to establish a full position in one or two of the above renewable power companies. Would you please rank them in terms of current valuation, debt, revenue growth and dividend growth. Which would be your overall preference for a 5-10 year hold? If you have another recommendation, what would it be?

That you for all the assistance you provide the DIY investor.


Read Answer Asked by Don on January 17, 2022

Q: Renewable energy has been beaten up over the last year and seems to be fairly cheap at the moment. With quantitative tightening and raising interest rates on the horizon, would it be prudent to wait to see what happens with inflation before moving into this sector? Which of these names do you prefer? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on January 14, 2022

Q: I see INE has dropped nearly 50% in last year. It offers a dividend over 4% now.
I like the sector, and the giant investment to be announced this week for offshore windmills on the U.S. East coast might help sentiment of the depressed sector and tenders should follow suit to support ongoing growth.
How would you assess this security in light of an income account at this point?

Read Answer Asked by Daniel on January 14, 2022

Q: Here is the current EV/EBITDA ratios for the following energy producers (lowest to highest): CPX (8.3), BEP.UN (9.3), NPI (11.6), FTS (13.0), H (14.0), AQN (16.5), BLX (17.4), INE (37.1). CPX seems to be a top contender for value, with lowest P/B too at 1.49. Considering all factors, please rank from best to worst, in terms of possible best total return over the next 10 years.

Read Answer Asked by Grant on November 12, 2021

Q: I would like to invest more heavily in power producers that have a higher concentration of hydroelectric power generating stations. What stocks would you recommend in Canada and the US?

Read Answer Asked by Grant on November 11, 2021

Q: If you were to rate the above renewable energy stocks (including the ones you're aware of but not listed above) for yield+growth potential what would be your order of ranking? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Victor on November 05, 2021

Q: Hi, I have read that several U.K. utilities have recently collapsed given soaring wholesale natural gas prices and the inability to pass costs on to customers. Could the same thing happen here and if so which companies might be the most susceptible? Could any of the above companies be impacted? Thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Gary on September 27, 2021

Q: Hi all
Already own AQN. Looking to add another renewable play. Can you rank the above in terms of dividend safety and growth. Any others I have missed that you might include?
Thanks for your service!

Read Answer Asked by Charles on August 25, 2021

Q: Which of these poses the best opportunity for a recovery in the space? Would you please rank? Thanks for all you do.

Read Answer Asked by Rob on April 30, 2021

Q: My question is regarding value metrics for CPX. I compared EV/Revenue for the above utilities and CPX is lowest at 4.66, followed by FTS at 5.96. FTS has the lowest P/B at 1.49; CPX is the next best at 2.00. As an income/value investor, is CPX a value diamond in the rough? I know it keeps missing estimates, but I would get a yield of about 5.5% while waiting for financial results to improve. Your comments very much appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Grant on April 07, 2021

Q: The majority of our utility holdings are in FTS /AQN, and when looking at value metrics: EV/Rev, p/b, forward p/e and yield, these 2 stocks appear to rank highest of the stocks listed above. NPI seems to be 3rd best in value, but it does have a higher p/b ratio. We also hold the following utilities in decreasing weight: BEP.UN, NPI and INE. We need to trim SU/ENB and want to add more to some or all of the latter 3 utilities - would you add the most to BEP.UN then NPI or focus on just BEP.UN? INE appears to be a bit over-valued at this time. Should we continue to hold INE, sell or add on more significant dip? We income/growth investors with 10+ year time horizon.

Read Answer Asked by Grant on March 11, 2021