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Q: We have 4 positions in SU; content to wait for the cumulative effect of cash flow and buybacks. There has been other advise given to us, to switch over to CNQ.
We have little knowledge of CNQ and such a move would require research. I don't want to do this homework, if it's a marginal idea to begin with.
Your help would be appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by Cacey on August 31, 2021

Q: Good morning! I have a question on investing knowledge in general, and the companies mentioned above are what I will use as my personal example... because Iíve read from the team at 5i that it doesnít make much sense to hold out on a loss. Please by all means correct me if I am wrong, example: I bought into SU,(I am -28%) and QST, (I am -60%). XBC (I am -59%). This doesnít bother me nor does it cause me any financial suffering to hold, and I know there is no magical answer... does a young man ride it out and just wait patiently? I love SU AND QST before the pandemic and still enjoy their presence in my portfolio but here I ask myself this, am I missing gaining opportunity in the markets? My money is sitting negative, slowly, slowly coming back, where a I could suffer the loss and get to work else where? Thank you!

Read Answer Asked by Dylan on May 11, 2021
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