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Review of Magna International

FEB 16, 2021 - While cyclical risks remain, the valuation is attractive based on fundamentals and offers potential for long-term stability and growth due to its globally diverse operations. The company also offers investors a ‘safe’ way to invest in the growing EV space. Rating upgraded to ‘A-‘.

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Q: Hi,
Trying to decide whether to top up Boyd to a 2% position or sell it and buy Magna instead. No tax implications. As an fyi we also own DOO @ 2% incase that impacts diversification. We’ve been a happy Boyd share holders for years- thank you! Just wondering which company you think has more upside going forward.
Thanks for all that you do!

Read Answer Asked by KERRI on January 19, 2022

Q: Hello Peter and Team

I have above stocks in my TFSA account. I am down CAE 10%, NVEI 47%, ENGH 17%, KXS 24%, LSPD 12%, QIPT 18%.

Normally I will consider all of them as good growth stocks but with the rotation now hapening in the market, I am wondering if I should keep them for the next 12 months or I should switch to more value stocks.

I value you opinion


Read Answer Asked by Raoul on January 17, 2022
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