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Q: Argh!! Not a good day on the quarterly earnings front for some of these names in my portfolio. After recent developments, would you still consider these names still a add/hold/sell?

I know hindsight is 20/20 but sometimes I wonder why I didn't put more of my capital into a stock like Constellation, which is just best in class and steady, rather than into these other names. I currently have a large position in CSU and others which largely offset these losses, but waking up to these drops of 20-30% are getting really irritating, but I understand this is the how it is. No pain, no gain! Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Keith on August 10, 2023
Q: Brief thoughts on these weeds I'm looking to pick.

Return and % weight in portfolio now and what I plan:

MGA: -39, 2.13%. Looking to trim slightly down to 1.5%, add to ATZ, BYD, BKNG or SBUX?
ILLM: -87%, 0.14%. So small now its insignificant, roll into GOOG position
CTS: -46%, 0.96%. Hovering at 1 yr low. Aside from strategic review, what's the catalyst?
MED: -61%, 0.80%. Sell and add to ATZ, BYD, BKNG or SBUX?

Toss them, hold them or water them? Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Keith on April 21, 2023
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