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Q: Hi,

I trust that you are well.

I have the unflattering distinction of having been in the markets for at least twenty years and I have missed every fortune-making opportunity during that time. Examples: railways, Amazon, Google, Apple, cannabis, crypto (to a lesser extent), Microsoft, Berkshire, Canadian banks, telecoms, Shopify, CSU and anything else that had a great run (and continues to have a great run). You name it, I missed it.

It would be refreshing to bring this proto-Maple-Leafean losing streak to an end. So,
perhaps you could suggest some industries that are going to be big. Perhaps you could suggest some young Microsofts or the like living amongst us.

Also, would you comment on FLT.V? Do you this company is worth taking a flyer on?
Do you think the drone delivery industry is going to take off? I don't even need it to really take off. I just need there to be at least one gust of retail enthusiasm to keep industry valuations aloft for a bit.

I saw Mark Rober video about drone usage in an African country. He seems to think it is a very effective delivery method.

I am going to make an executive decision here, and ask all 5i staff to drop everything and dig deep into this industry and provide a report which: 1) estimates the likelihood of drone delivery being the next big thing 2) suggest some names to invest in.

Yours kindly,

Read Answer Asked by D on April 13, 2023

Q: I am thinking to start a position in the defense sector for a 3-5 year hold. Is this a sector you see much upside and volatility in? Has the worlds tensions and conflicts already been priced into the share prices? What would be your top three defense companies to consider?

Thank you in advance for your great advice!!

Read Answer Asked by Sean on April 06, 2023

Q: Britain's drone ôsuper highway & other country's may follow, Canada will be last as usual.

As drones become more ubiquitous which manufacturer[s] do you think will lead the way?

What are the best pick & shovel company's to bet on in the drone gold rush?

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Ross on February 06, 2023
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