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Review of Stella-Jones Inc.

JUN 02, 2021 - The company’s stable railway and utility poles business should also benefit from broader economic tailwinds as maintenance needs increase. Shares are at a discount to historical levels and the stock continues to be a solid long-term hold. Accordingly, its A- rating is maintained.

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Q: Hello, happy Canada to all. Currently building a moderate portfolio with the stocks above, all full positions except WSP, open to also taking on some more risk and buying into the negativity. Long runway of 5-10+ years. Am looking for 3 new options that would help achieve an overall 2.5-3% dividend yield (2 CAN and 1 US). And 3 growth options (2 CAN and 1 US). Please omit GSY, ENB, MG, TOI, and GOOG (I know, sorry) as these are also held in a separate account. Thank you for all that you do!

Read Answer Asked by Robert on July 05, 2022

Q: Your last report for SJ was in June 2021 and it received an A- rating. Do you still see this stock in the same category as SLF? I read in the GAM that SJ is getting into less profitable regular lumber and investors don't like it. Value metrics look good with F P/E 9.6, P/S 0.77, EV/EBITA 8.10, however, by comparison WFG appears to me to have a much better valuation: F P/E 3.7, P/S 0.83 and EV/EBITA 1.56. WFG seems the clear choice today. Would appreciate your comments for a long term investment in SJ and/or WFG. Thanks!!

Read Answer Asked by Grant on June 22, 2022

Q: Would like your suggestions of 7 value stocks that also have a history of increasing dividends for both a balance portfolio and an income portfolio ....primarily Canadian stocks or secondary US traded stocks.
and please take the number of credits necessary to complete this "task". ........thanks.....Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on June 21, 2022
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