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Q: For the last 10 years, SLF has been the better stock to own. Since December 2023, MFC has been better. In their most recent earnings MFC beat and SLF missed. MFC's PE is a little higher, dividends are about the same, SLF has better ROE, MFC has a much better profit margin. If buying one of them today, which do you think is better going forward? Or with the chance interest rates will be coming down in the next year would it be better to buy a bank instead?
Read Answer Asked by Ken on May 13, 2024
Q: Hi,
I need to sell all the stocks in my non-registered account to access the cash in the next 2-5 years. I will be selling many of the stocks listed, in the next few weeks. Can you list them in SELL order with a few comments on the rationale.
Also, please list the top 10 Canadian stocks (from this list or others) for longterm holding, since I will buy some of them back in one of my registered accounts (RRSP, TFSA), likely over the next 2 years.
Thank you,
Read Answer Asked by Camille on May 30, 2023
Q: I get confused when you rated slf over ifc for a 5 year hold, I agree it has a higher dividend, but you say slf will have better growth. Is not return on investment the growth that i should be measuring. ifc has blown slf out of the park in the last 10 years, not even close and they are still doing it right now.
Read Answer Asked by eugene on February 13, 2023
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