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Review of TMX Group Limited

MAY 17, 2022 - TMX continues to be a solid option for investors looking for a name that benefits from different economic scenarios and has done well regardless of market sentiments. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Q: It seems that the telco sector will faced with challenges for the foreseeable future with price pressures on fees (I see it on my own bills) and likely not being able to recover for quite sometime. It was easier to sell the position on the non registered account and take advantage of the tax loss. I have kept my positions in the registered accounts for the dividend but am now wondering if perhaps a sell would be make sense and what to replace them with. Any ideas with some dividend and a little bit of growth?
Much appreciated.
Read Answer Asked by Francisco on May 23, 2024
Q: Could you please recommend your top 5 solid, dividend-growing companies? what would be your buy prices for each? Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Ann on May 21, 2024
Q: I don't have too many names I want to sell, but lots of names I'd like to buy....

One move I would consider would be to sell CTS to invest in either TMX or ATS. My question is besides the different sectors, long-term which company has the most potential to outperform the others? I'm guessing in order of growth potential it would go CTS, ATS, TMX, with the risk profiles the exact opposite?

Do you see enough potential in CTS to hold it over the other two names? Thanks in advance. - Jeff
Read Answer Asked by Jeff on May 15, 2024
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