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Review of Boyd Group Services

NOV 27, 2020 - The results speak for themselves as the shares returned over 230% over the past five years and rapid recovery in driving with a North American re-opening will continue to support SSSG, margins, and collision repair demand. Rating upgraded to 'A-'.

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Q: Hi guys, thanks for the excellent service. Generally TFSA is the place for high growth but my highest growth has been in my RRSP. Is there any compelling reason I should sell anything in RRSP and rebuy in TFSA (e.g., NVDA)? I realize I will be taxed on RRSP withdrawals while TFSA withdrawals are tax-free - but - my RRSP has a lot more cash than my TFSA so there isn't room to move all my growthy stuff over. Because of the relative size of RRSP to TFSA, if I were to do equal weighting of all stocks, I'd only have 4 different stocks in my TFSA, which perhaps is fine? Are there any obvious adjustments that you would make to the following:

XQQ 13.68%
VXC 12.03%
NVDA 7.64%
AAPL 6.70%
JPM 4.73%
BNS 4.52%
GOOG 4.32%
ENB 4.13%
MSFT 3.98%
AMZN 3.86%
RTX 3.51%
COST 3.42%
PG 3.11%
DIS 2.82%
CASH 1.32%

GSY 5.28%
CRWD 3.31%
VEEV 2.50%
ROKU 2.44%
SHOP 2.26%
WELL 0.85%
XBC 1.08%

LSPD 0.79%
BYD 0.76%

SLF 0.51%
T 0.42%


Read Answer Asked by Mark on June 23, 2021

Q: HI 5i,
My daughter (still in school for another 3 years) has L, REAL, AQN, BAM-A, SLF, TIXT, BYD on a tfsa account and has some cash to add to one of this positions.
Also has ATD-B and MG in a cash account and wants to add another position.
Please suggest adding to current TFSA choices and a new idea for cash account. 3 year horizon.

Read Answer Asked by Vitor on June 08, 2021

Q: My portfolio, registered and unregistered is 62% equity 32% cash.
Have cash in both types of accounts, Iím 84 yrs old wife 74.

I currently hold the following equities. % total.

Aqn-3.26,bns-3.24,bam-3.24,byd-3.24,cae-2.48,car-un-3.74, Eif-1.21,enb-3.15-:mg-4.14,pbh-3.85,t-1.66,TFII-3.71,vdy-5.39,VFV-3.62,VFV-3.62,vgg-9.04,vvl-2.26, wsp-4.58.
Vgg is all in registered accounts.
Are there any equities you would considering no need to hold ?
Can you suggest any etf to add to either registered or unregistered account?

Read Answer Asked by Roy on June 08, 2021
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