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Review of Boyd Group Services

MAR 03, 2022 - Boyd Group Services has a strong history of revenue growth, profitability, and creating shareholder value. it is witnessing due to supply chain and labor constraints will create pressure on the company that we believe can last for the remainder of the year. For this reason, we are downgrading the company from ‘A-‘ to ‘B+’.

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5i Recent Questions

Q: First thanks for the swift turnaround response for ADBE, yesterday. 
Now my focus is on Consumer Discretionary stock positions. I hold Canadian positions in ATD, BYD, DOL and PLC and then for the US, AMZN and HD. 
For the Cdn positions, all exceed the target weightings. But for AMZN, which I recently added to, the portfolio for this stock is underweight by 1.2% and for HD, underweight by 1.3%.
At this time, the total CD sector portfolio weighting is  13.5% compared to a target of 10% but me, comfortable going overweight this sector as I shy away from energy and materials.
I'm inclined to add to Home Depot next. What are your thoughts about adding to HD, especially looking forward to a brighter horizon?
Another one is ATZ which I have held in the past. Wondering about buying ATZ in the near term or wait awhile???
If there are other companies in the CD or Cyclic sector that you think I should consider for the brighter future, I'd be pleased to know about them.........Much thanks..............Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on September 16, 2022

Q: good morning,
Sold this one for a tax loss about 35 days ago. What do you think about recent earnings and forecast?
Would you buy back in or something better such as ATA or BOYD or CAE.
It's classified as basic material on many websites but industrial on yours.

Read Answer Asked by Denis on September 15, 2022

Q: Hi,

Can you give 5 small and midcap stocks US and Canadian that fits the category "that have purely domestic revenues and don't have to worry about recessions" as mentioned in your article in National post.


Read Answer Asked by sunday on September 14, 2022
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