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Q: I am looking to add one REIT to my RSP portfolio. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the two listed above and if you have a better suggestion. What would be your preferred REIT please?

Thanks and a price increase for this service is well deserved in my humble opinion. Dan

Read Answer Asked by Dan on June 15, 2021

Q: Hi Peter and 5i,
The below is from a CHP's press release from it's latest quarterly earnings on 4/29.
"Choice Properties had a net loss of for the first quarter of 2021 as compared to net income of in the first quarter of 2020. The decrease was mainly due to an unfavorable change of in the adjustment to the fair value on the Exchangeable Units, partially offset by a favorable change in the fair value of investment properties, including properties held within equity accounted joint ventures."
I do not understand the Exchangeable Units. Will you please explain what the Exchangeable Units and what they mean?
Thanks as always for your valuable information.

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on May 03, 2021

Q: Hello!
I am underwater on my First Capital Realty shares (currently yielding 2.62%) and considering replacing them with Choice Properties REIT units (currently yielding 5.43%). Doing so would double my income from this position. My thinking is that CHP's income profile is more stable than FCR's. What are your thoughts on this trade? More importantly, would you make the switch now or wait for the economy to open up more? Once vaccinations are rolled out and the economy more or less returns to normal, does FCR's share price have more upside than CHP's? FCR's share price has rallied more in recent months.
Thank You!

Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 06, 2021
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