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Q: I've got 5 years left before retirement, and I want to slowly roll my RRSP from equities to etf's over the 5 years. This year I'd like to buy a few that will have growth over the coming 5 years, thinking of beaten-up sectors like telco's and banks - do you think they have a runway for a 5-year plus hold (also thinking they have a good dividend, jumping in now), and what which etf's would you suggest if you agree with these sectors, or in other sectors. Thanks!
Read Answer Asked by Kim on May 09, 2024
Q: Is there an ETF that provides equal weight coverage of the TSX similar to what EQL does for the S&P 500?
I would like to increase my ETF holdings providing a broad coverage of the Cdn market vs individual stocks. I already have a heavy weighting in individual financial stocks and most TSX ETFs would simply further skew my overall balance.
Read Answer Asked by Bruce on April 23, 2024
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