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Q: Hi team,

With 22 tech stocks weighting some 34% of my portfolio, I assume you would recommend that I rationalize my approach for a better diversification, both in my tech sector and in my portfolio as a whole.

To accomplish that, while keeping a strong growth approach, could you indicate which are, in your view, 1) the « must own » stocks, in order of importance 2) those which could be dropped because of « double emploi » or high risk, 3) those missing to properly cover the tech sector ?

Please feel free to use as many credits as you see fit.

Gratefully yours,

Jacques IDS

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on November 15, 2020

Q: Good day and happy Friday 5i team. Please give your opinion on TGED. It seems more weighted to large cap technology which interests me. Concern is small assets under admin. In a registered account, primarily for income and safety, a good call or are there better out there?

Read Answer Asked by Harry on October 27, 2020
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