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Q: Hi Peter and 5i Team,

My TFSA is made up of CSU (33%), TRI (22), VGT (17), DSG (14), GSY (14).
CSU is the core position (thank you for that recommendation) and will not be added to at this time.

With current available cash and the upcoming 2023 contribution which 2 companies out of TRI, VGT, GSY and DSG would you add to for the best growth scenario?

Thanks for all your sage advise over the years. My first 6 years of retirement have been financially successful and the dividend and share growth has been stellar. Again a big thank you to 5i!

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on November 07, 2022

Q: Good morning, I have some USD in my tfsa and was wondering if you could suggest a few ETFs in the states where I won’t get charged a withholding tax. Can be growth or index oriented.

Read Answer Asked by Seamus on October 07, 2022
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