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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Brian Belski of BMO has been on CNBC 2-3 times recently.

Looking at global investment opportunities he is consistent in rating USA as still his favourite.

BUT he beats the drum more vigorously for CANADA.

Do you agree with him?

More importantly what etf (s) would you recommend to capitalize on Canada’s upside potential and relative cheapness compared to the USA.

Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Donald on September 20, 2021

Q: We have very little tech. exposure in our portfolios as a % - so minimal. Own IGM & ARKK in USD portfolio - IGM for 4 years - done very well. In TFSA, own STC, VHI, XIT ETF. All the others are on my list to purchase as not. I would buy equal positions - so, of those we do not own which three would you consider the best in the short and long term. I am mostly a dividend grower investor - companies that increase them every year; however, trying to add a bit of tech. Maybe there others not shown that meet my criteria?

Read Answer Asked by James on August 10, 2021

Q: What technology stocks or ETF would you suggest for a TFSA? It can be either Canadian or USA.
Thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Donna on August 06, 2021

Q: Hi team,

What are your thoughts on the potential in emerging markets right now ? For new capital added to a portfolio between HXEM and XIT - Which would you view as better value right now? Both positions are core and added to over time.


Read Answer Asked by Keith on August 05, 2021

Q: I am looking to invest in an ETF for a period of 5 to 10 years and have a medium to high risk tolerance. Can you suggest 5 to 10 ETFs that should be considered? Thank you very much

Read Answer Asked by Don on July 22, 2021

Q: I do not have technology shares in my RRSP. I'm well covered in energy, financials, utilities, transportation, tel coms and an ETF US equities. There are quite a few techno companies out there. For a long term investment, any suggestions and why.

Read Answer Asked by Jacques on July 13, 2021

Q: Please recommend 4 index etf's Canadian for my TFSA and 4 US for my RRSP. If you recommend Bonds make it number 5 Looking at 15-20 year DRIP and hold.

Read Answer Asked by Cecil on June 30, 2021


Thinking of selling my LSPD in my RRSP (358 Shares) and buying NVDA.

I also own XIT (1,000) shares in my RRSP.

This way I get more US stocks.

Your comments please.

Thank you


Read Answer Asked by Mike on June 28, 2021

Q: Do you know if there is an ETF that holds LSPD and SHOP along with many of 5i's favourite IT stocks?

Read Answer Asked by stephen on May 20, 2021

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor....normally. Assume I already have a balanced portfolio.

Considering topping up a 90% XIT position (my Technology weighting is 7.5%).....or...buying a small position in Copper Mtn (CMMC)....(my Materials weighting is 5.0)%. Reading prior copper questions indicates that you think there is much more room to run in Copper...for a while. Assume a roughly 1 year holding.

Second question = oil better than copper over the next year or so?

So, I guess the question is = please rank 1 year performance (best to worst) for Technology, Copper, Oil.


The conservative side of me = XIT. The aggressive side of me = CMMC.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on May 17, 2021

Q: To my amateur eyes, it looks to me that XIT has reached a major support level of around $43 (looking at technical support and resistance levels). I hold a core long term position and did some trimming for asset allocation reasons around $50. I would normally consider adding at this level, but thought I'd check with you (again) about the impact of interest rates on technology. Do you see much more technology downside in your crystal ball?

Thanks for your help...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on May 12, 2021

Q: Can you suggest a few good ETF’s which should form the basis of one’s portfolio.

Also please suggest ETF’s for specific applications like..... high risk/ growth, dividend, US equities, Canadian equities, dividend stocks, tech stocks, emerging markets ..... and your choice of basket of ETF’s which a person could use to build a portfolio ( with % allocations)

Read Answer Asked by HARRY on May 10, 2021

Q: Hello,
Are you aware of another Canadian Tech focused ETF other than XIT? I have investigated and could not find any other then XIT which is somewhat surprising considering how hot Canadian tech seems now on all the new ETFs that continue to be introduced for sectors like finance, blockchain, bitcoin etc. I would like to invest in Canadian Tech without buying individual stocks and do not like the fact that 4 companies make up about 77% of XIT. Would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions. Many thanks.

Read Answer Asked by Anthony on May 03, 2021

Q: 23 year old starting RRSP. Have made small initial cash contribution and now doing monthly pre-authorized cash contributions, Given long time horizon, small current balance and ongoing monthly contributions, I’m looking for a 100% growth-focussed equity ETF that I can have set up to auto-contribute to on a monthly basis and wonder what you might recommend.

Read Answer Asked by Bruce on March 30, 2021

Q: I hold XIT in both my RRSP and TFSA and have done very well owning it. Over the years I have trimmed multiple times, redeploying into NTR and Eric's NPP314 (oil). I bought SJR.B in January (in my TFSA), fully intending for it to be a medium term hold and have started to trim it this week.

My plan now with the cash is to add back to XIT, but my reading seems to indicate that there may be more volatility in the Tech sector. Just wondering what your crystal ball shows? When I look at the chart for XIT, I see support levels at roughly $43, then $38. I know this is a "timing" question, but do you see further Tech weakness, and if so, where would you step back in.

Thanks for your help....Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 23, 2021

Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. A question earlier today has motivated me to finally ask this question....been thinking of it for quite a while. It had to do with potential rising interest rates and your response was that dividend investors should be prepared for a bumpy ride in the short term (my paraphrase of your answer).

I own the above securities and for the most part trim-add around core positions that I hold for the long term. Is it possible to divide the above securities into two that would be "ok" in a rising interest rate environment and the other that I should consider trimming a bit or maybe selling? I am ok riding things out for the long term and do not normally react to short term volatility.

Thanks for your help....Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on March 20, 2021

Q: I currently own XAW and XTR in my RRSP and looking to add some more Canadian ETFs/stocks for diversification. Have about 20 year time frame. Can you please recommend some?

Read Answer Asked by Fiona on February 05, 2021

Q: Hi Peter, Ryan, and Team,
This is a two-part question, so please feel free to deduct enough credits.
(1) In Portfolio Analytics, is it appropriate to enter zero for the cost basis? After all, we didn't pay anything for these shares. (Thank you 5i)
(2) In our combined accounts, prior to the spin-out, we were already overweight in Technology, holding ABST, CSU, ENGH, XIT, and KXS. In order to balance our accounts, what, if anything, would you recommend we do? It would be costly to reduce all the holdings which I'm reluctant to do.
Thanks in advance for your valued advice and opinion.

Read Answer Asked by Jerry on February 05, 2021