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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Help me!
My wife and I have a competition running in our TFSA accounts, which we started a few years back with the same cash balance. She is using the classic passive ETF strategy, except we got pissed off with bonds and moved that portion into QQQ/ICLN (TDB900, 902, 911 & QQQ, ICLN)
I am actively (quite low turnover) trading CDN and US stocks and ETF's
She is handing me my ass!

My current holdings in the CDN account are ATS, BAM, BN, GSY, KXS, XIT, PBH, WELL, WSP and US account AAPL, TFII, VEEV

Ignoring sector allocations (which i still need to look into), please advise any Buy, Hold or Sell recommendations for my current holdings with a 5 year horizon
Read Answer Asked by Jim on May 08, 2024
Q: I am pretty close to full positions on LIFE, XIT and XST. Also, I am sitting on <5% cash, being basically fully invested. Over the next few months I plan to top up these 3 ETFs.

In what order would you add to each of these 3, based on their current valuations, compared to their historic valuations as well as their potential?

My thoughts were LIFE, then XST, then XIT (although I suspect your order would be XIT-LIFE-XST). Please include a brief "why".

Thanks for your help...Steve
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on May 07, 2024
Q: Good morning
these three ETFs have stellar one year performance to January 6th according to your March issue of Money Saver magazine. Do you see them topped out for the present or would you still see a buying opportunity here
Read Answer Asked by Guy R. on April 15, 2024
Q: With the goal of adding good quality growth stocks and using your suggestions ( thank you ), some time back I added BN and GSY to my cash account which is full of telecom, pipes, banks and utilities. I am now looking at these four with my thoughts on them : EQB, Stephen Smith is the main reason I am liking this company . I am overweight banks already- should this factor into the equation ?
CALF, the small cap sector should be getting interesting if rates decline and I could use more US exposure. TFII, management can’t be beat but the industry is suffering ( good or bad for TFII? ),
best to wait and see how industry shakes out?
XIT, ( have 10% portfolio exposure with a US tech ETF ) has significant CSU exposure.

Is my thinking clear? Any single addition would be approximately 3% portfolio weighting. In what order would you buy ? Am looking at buying 2 immediately. Any you wouldn’t buy ?
Thanks. Derek.
Read Answer Asked by Derek on April 10, 2024
Q: I know that you still like KXS, and you also like XIT. I manage my son’s TFSA, and he’s made a tidy profit in KXS, since it’s been held for quite a while. However, going forward, and since more recent charts indicate XIT's outperforformance, what would be your assessment of switching from KXS to XIT?

He doesn’t have enough room to buy CSU or SHOP, and I see that they’re the first two holdings in XIT, and would you agree that these two names are ‘better’ than KXS? As well, XIT holds a small amount of KXS.

Finally, he can buy and sell XIT with zero commission.

Your pertinent advice is, as always, important in our decision making.
Read Answer Asked by Jerry on March 13, 2024
Q: Can you please suggest a few ETF's for a young investor who has recently opened a brokerage account.
My 30 y/o son will be transferring funds currently held at his bank. (TSFA , RESP, RRSP accounts) He is looking for long term investments options.

We as grand parents have started a RESP for each of the grandchildren. Looking after their first year RESP contributions. Currently invested in HXS and a small VFV position.
Can you please give some options for :
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Gord on February 20, 2024
Q: From a value perspective, where the current price is compared to it's historical price range and it's future potential, in what order would you add to these equities (NTR, FTS, XIT, XST, ZUT) to reach asset allocation goals?

I understand it is not apples to apples, due to some of the equities are stocks vs ETFs; and some are conservative vs aggressive.

When looking at both the technicals and fundamentals, I would suggest that NTR and ZUT are undervalued and could be earlier purchases, compared to FTS, XIT, XST. Purchases will be spread out over several months.

Your thoughts on the order?


Read Answer Asked by Stephen on January 23, 2024
Q: Hello, I have the following in my TFSA: GIB.A, OTEX, NVEI, KXS, DSG, DOL, NXR.UN, with more or less the same weight. I am under water with NVEI, KXS, NXR.UN. Should I just sell OTEX, DSG and GIB.A and buy XIT instead and wait for NVEI and KXS to break even before selling them and buy XIT? I know XIT has 50% in SHOP and CSU and 5i likes CSU very much. I am less sure about SHOP. What is your opinion of SHOP for a long term hold? I did not fully understand their recent change of strategy. FYI, I have US tech names in a cash account, that’s why I am looking at CDN names in my TFSA. Thanks.
Read Answer Asked by Martin on January 08, 2024
Q: Please provide your comments on the risk for the above ETFs (low to high) and rank them for potential growth. Are there Canadian equivalents to the US ETFs? Would it be a good idea to purchase the US ETFs in a TFSA? Would these ETFs currently be considered to be a buy, hold or sell?
Thank you
Read Answer Asked by Don on January 04, 2024
Q: I know you don't believe in timing the market but after the last few years i've ended up with a fair bit of cash on sidelines, yielding around 5%.
Post pivot i'm now thinking about when/how to deploy. Assuming interest rates have peaked and we start seeing cuts in 2024 i expect cash yields to start decreasing as well.
So if you wanted to "broadly" deploy your cash reserves throughout 2024 how would you proceed? Thinking some mix of SPY, RSP, EMV (much smaller allocation) as I have retained most of my high convinction Canadian stocks.
Dollar Cost Average monthly or quarterly
Wait for next broad pullback, we know it's coming just not sure when. Can still get a nice cash yield while waiting.
Read Answer Asked by Rob on December 18, 2023
Q: Could you please suggest a mirror ETFs from the listing below in Canadian dollar?


Read Answer Asked by Shi on November 23, 2023
Q: Am retired with a cash account full of utilities, banks , pipes, reits, telecoms etc. for income. Over the last 6 months have added BN and GSY for more growth. Have targeted the following growth stocks for next purchase :

XIT : basket of CDN techs
LMN : a mini CSU
EQB : Stephen Smith involvement
TSU: speciality insurance
TCN : faster growing US south residential real estate

Your opinion of each would be appreciated. What is your order of buying based on valuation and growth potential ?
Thanks. Derek
Read Answer Asked by Derek on September 07, 2023
Q: Retired, dividend-income investor. I have funds available over time to invest in / top-up some of my positions to meet long term asset allocation targets. I plan on continuing to invest these funds over a number of I have been over the past 8 months.

The question is = in what order do I buy the following = XST, XIT (several BNN-ers say to avoid adding to technology at this point), BCE, BNS, LIFE, ZUT.

One method is to wait for these securities to hit my price targets (based on hitting a combination of fundamental and technical targets (a little bit is kind of bottom-feeding).

A 2nd method is looking at setting the order of buying, based on where one thinks each security is relative to their historic value.

Ignore asset allocation...these are smaller amounts and the AA is reasonably good right now.

My suggested order, subject to where each security's price is at (please shoot holes in my plan):
Sept = BNS,
Oct = XST-#1 (in 2 tranches-spread out),
Nov = ZUT-#1 (ditto),
Dec = XIT-#1 (ditto),
Jan = XST-#2,
Feb = ZUT-#2,
Mar = XIT-#2,
As each hits their price target (minor adds) = BCE, LIFE.

Please state your order and why.
Thanks...much appreciated...Steve
Read Answer Asked by Stephen on August 29, 2023
Q: ETF to invest in AI in Canada .
Read Answer Asked by Scott on July 25, 2023
Q: I would like to dip my toe into the AI waters using an ETF several of which you have mentioned. Unfortunately they are all on the NYSE.Am I wrong, as a Canadian, in avoiding the NYSE for fear of endless red tape and possible US taxes? I assume that there are no AI ETFs on the TSX or you would have mentioned them, I may have missed them.Thanks in advance and for all your great work.Rick
Read Answer Asked by Rick on July 24, 2023
Q: For a RESP rebuild with 5 years till 4 annual withdrawals start, to achieve a higher total return with lower volatility, do you think the above stocks will reach the intended goal. Thank you so much
Read Answer Asked by Richard on June 30, 2023
Q: I manage my daughter and her husband's investments. They currently own the above equities (except XST), plus fixed income. I would define them as conservative investors.

Regarding their asset allocation, I am still in the process of building out their portfolio. They are a little light on Consumer Staples. I was trying to find a suitable ETF and came up with XST.

Q#1 = What are your current thoughts on XST? The constituent holdings actually look pretty good. The various rates of return also look good.

Q#2 = Are there other ETFs that I should consider? I couldn't find a BMO version. I have read the past questions on XST and it appears to me that XST is the front runner (compared to VDC and XLP), when looking at past performance.

Thoughts? Agree?
Thanks for your help...much appreciated...Steve

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 14, 2023
Q: What Canadian companies whose share price could benefit from the AI phenomenon do you know of ?

Please provide some colour to each , such as % of sales, specific AI capabilities etc.

Are there any CDN ETF’s , other than ARKK:CA that you would recommend ? This would be for my TFSA where I put my riskier investments.
Thanks. Derek
Read Answer Asked by Derek on June 13, 2023