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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Morgan Stanley just issued a warning that the “commodity-type” semiconductor companies (DRAM and other) have entered late-cycle. MS adds that earnings going forward for such companies will be challenged. I hold more than a full allocation in semis once I include semiconductor securities held directly.

My question is on SOXX which is held in a taxable account. What components in, and what percent of, SOXX would be considered DRAM and other commodity-type companies? Would I be correct in thinking if the percentage of the said commodity-type companies is higher than 15% , it would be best to trim? (I would not be trimming securities that are held directly).

Read Answer Asked by Adam on August 13, 2021

Q: Good afternoon,

Could you please pass along on how best to take advantage of rising copper prices both using an equity( s) and etf.
Same question as it applies to the semi conductor space.
Please feel free to deduct 2 credits as I have posed 2 questions.

Thank you,

thank you.

Read Answer Asked by Brad on July 12, 2021

Q: Hello,

Enjoying the upgrades! Having success with semi-conductor ETF's as a cyclical play in the past.
Would you still be buyers for the next 2 years?
And could I get your thoughts on Invescos new fund in comparison to the heavyweights.


Thank you very much.

Read Answer Asked by Adam on June 29, 2021

Q: Good morning,

Thank you as always. Looking forward to the upcoming updates.
As a follow up would you please rank in terms of where you'd allocate capital. For the next 2-5 year hold. Assuming balanced portfolio etc. Most conviction sector or fund.


Thank you very much!

Read Answer Asked by Adam on June 14, 2021

Q: Hello 5i team,

I'd like to say I enjoy this first class product. The questions obviously are one of the pillars of this service. Offering fantastic insight and vision for all who read.

Looking for confirmation and guidance.
Without specific weights etc is this a sound plan to stick to longterm?

Non registered account is now growing and will be holding CDN stocks.
Former holding was XIC

RRSP is in USD and holds VTI and VXUS
I like the currency diversification and funds. And norberts gambit reduced the cost.
I also pay into an employer matched pension.

TFSA growth stocks in both CDN and USD
I am looking at mid to longterm ETF'S for growth. Without regard to sector etc.
My portfolio is balanced.

My selections are:


Could you please rank these in terms of your conviction on success. If one stands out and comes to mind that isn't here please add it.
I would like to add 2 funds.

Thank you very much.

Read Answer Asked by Adam on June 08, 2021

Q: Currently I own all of these semi conductor related companies in my taxable account. QCOM, AMD and MRVL are still at a loss since the March downturn. All others are in positive territory, especially SMH. Should I continue to hold them all as core holdings for the long term or would you trim or delete any? Is it still a good idea to hold SMH because the ETF owns a number of companies like ASML, AMAT, an MU that I do not hold?

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on May 04, 2021

Q: Can you please give me your thoughts on what stocks or ETF's you like in the semiconductor space? Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 09, 2021

Q: There is a global shortage of semiconductors and I would like to know which Companies will benefit most in 2021. Can you please recommend what are your Top 5 stocks in this space and your reasons for picking them. Thank You.

Read Answer Asked by ALNOOR on March 02, 2021

Q: Seems bewildering to choose among so many types of Tech stocks. Looking for 3 names...would CRM, ADBE or any others you would suggest be worthy at today’s values or should I just run to the SMH ETF? Help and thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Michael on February 10, 2021

Q: I would like to add some coverage in semi conductors. What are your thoughts on these stocks? Is investing in the ETF a better bet? Any valuation concerns with SMH? Do you have other suggestions that are not overvalued?

Read Answer Asked by Maureen on December 22, 2020

Q: Hi 5iTeam,
I'm interested in taking a position in an ETF that's focused on chips. Of the three ETFs listed above, which one would be your choice and why?
Also are there ETFs traded in C$ that are focused on US chip makers?

Read Answer Asked by Harry on June 16, 2020

Q: Which Biotech and Semiconductor ETFs would you recommended, in order of preference? I do not have any exposure to these sectors.

Read Answer Asked by Satish on April 30, 2020

Q: Hello 5i!

Appreciate all the great work.
I am looking for a canadian as well as US listed tech ETF. And semi-conductor fund to be held in my RRSP. Diversification and of course hoping for long term growth.
Currently XIT (TFSA). Using the room in RRSP for US listed dividend stocks/ETF's. Or whichever is the most tax and growth efficient.

I'm wondering what your top picks are in that sector and why? One concern of mine is some have a much higher mer. Is that worth the performance in the long run?

Or better bang for your buck on keeping fees low as usual and the most diverse fund. Company and cap wise. Hence holding a primarily large cap and semi conductor. Or just 1 solid all around.

If I'm missing a far better pick please enlighten me.

Thank you for putting together such a great site and program. Info is fantastic.

Read Answer Asked by Adam on April 28, 2020

Q: I realize that in a recovery as you’ve noted, individual stocks will do better than ETF’s. If I’m looking for growth over a three to five year time frame would you suggest buying both SMU and XLK Or a list of individual stocks that could include MSFT JPM V WMT INTC ? I suppose a combination of the two options is also possible. This is for US exposure and it’ll be in my TFSA account which is presently sitting in cash. I believe you’d also suggest buying back in gradually. Thoughts. Thnks

Read Answer Asked by Dennis on April 01, 2020