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Investment Q&A

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Q: hi, with military spending increasing globally, which companies do you see benefitting and worthwhile investing in? is there a time frame or just slowly building a position? thks

Read Answer Asked by pietro on June 22, 2022

Q: Retired investor not dependent on portfolio income.
Low on my Industrial sector exposure of 15% spread across non-reg and tfsa accounts. Currently have bbu.un, cae, tfii, tri, wsp in equal amounts (~2%).
Looking for three suitable current growth-income suggestions from each of USA-International or Canada-based with high foreign exposure for longer 3-5 year hold. Or do I just add to existing?

Read Answer Asked by William Ross on June 02, 2021

Q: Hi,
This is a follow up to your answer regarding my original question on Feb 14th regarding ETFs in the US Aerospace and Defense sector. Your answer focused my attention on the expense ratio as the main factor in choosing among ETFs with a similar theme, and you offered that 5 year average returns should also be considered. However, I am wondering if the dividends paid should also be a part of the decision? If yes, then as a general rule, ETF dividends would be considered only if all else is equal? Between the three ETFs, PPA pays .2504, XAR pays .0938 and ITA pays .3205. All are listed as quarterly payments. Thanks for helping out with my learning curve!

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on February 16, 2018

Q: Hi,
I am thinking that the recent drop may present an opportunity to enter into the US Aerospace & Defense sector at a bit of a discount. Is it better to use ETFs, or choose one or two top rated stocks? I don't know how you compare the costs of ETFs and could use a primer on what to look for / what to avoid when considering them, as I mostly use stocks or debentures.
As always, we appreciate you're thoughts and insight.

Read Answer Asked by Dawn on February 14, 2018