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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: I am investigating Applied Materials for an investment to increase the industrial waiting in my portfolio. What do you think of the company? Is there any other industrial holding that you prefer for long term growth and some income?

Read Answer Asked by Rod on July 28, 2021

Q: Good evening,

Iím looking to increase my stock holdings in the industrial sector. I currently own HON at 3% and have a small position in XBC (due to recent declines). Iíd like to add 3 long-term stocks and have identified the following as options: CNR, WSP or J, TFII, XYL, ATA, ROP. I can accept higher risk and would like companies that are leaders or doing something new/innovative in their area. I was also thinking of diversifying within the industrial sector. Iím wondering what 3 additions youíd pick at this time, either from my list above or others that I may have missed? Iím also wondering whether I should add to XBC at this point?

Thank you for great this service!


Read Answer Asked by Lisa on July 09, 2021

Q: Retired investor not dependent on portfolio income.
Low on my Industrial sector exposure of 15% spread across non-reg and tfsa accounts. Currently have bbu.un, cae, tfii, tri, wsp in equal amounts (~2%).
Looking for three suitable current growth-income suggestions from each of USA-International or Canada-based with high foreign exposure for longer 3-5 year hold. Or do I just add to existing?

Read Answer Asked by William on June 02, 2021

Q: As retired farmers we have owned Caterpillar, Cummins and John Deere in our industrial sector for many years. We prefer companies to which we can understand and relate.
Have you suggestions of additional larger solid U.S. industrial companies with growth potential? We also are shareholders of aerospace sector companies NOC and RTX.
Thank you so much for your great service!!!

Read Answer Asked by Brian on April 07, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,


I havenít made any changes to my portfolio since February. Has your view changed on any of these companies? Which should I sell and any new suggestions? Iím ok with high risk. Thanks for your awesome picks!

Read Answer Asked by Harman on April 05, 2021

Q: Could you name 3-4 top picks in Canada or US for consumer defensive, basic materials, industrial, and utilities that would have a good outlook for the next 5-10+ years?

Read Answer Asked by Andrew on April 05, 2021

Q: I am looking to investing in these sectors in the US market, infrastructure, industrial, aerospace and material. Would appreciate your favourite names.

Read Answer Asked by Joanne on March 15, 2021

Q: Question regarding Google's announcement of changes to third party cookies and your thoughts on the potential benefits this may bring for some companies. I know its affecting companies like TTD but wouldnt ROKU benefit because they have their own ecosystem and can see what people watch, search for etc. or a company like FB who can see status's, conversations, group posts about products people still share so much information plus instagram (sharing info between the two). Or a PINS who again has its own ecosystem and can use that data to sell ads on its own site... hope this makes sense.

Also as of right now with the further rotation out of growth, what are your top 5 "buy now" companies that you *could* see rebounding quite nicely when the dust settles.

Read Answer Asked by Michael on March 05, 2021

Q: Hi Peter/Ryan, I have no US stocks in my TFSA, RSP or Margin Accounts. I was thinking of adding some but not sure in which account it is best for them, or if it matters. How would they affect each one and do you have 1 or 2 suggestions for long term hold for each of them based on where it is better to hold them. Thanks

Read Answer Asked by Nick on March 01, 2021

Q: I have a small holding in Veolia and am wondering about adding more. Its environmental business is broad in scope and covers a lot of the planet. While this may be good, it could also mean that they are stretched. It looks like they have held pretty steady through the pandemic.

Any thoughts about this company? Any alternatives to suggest?


Read Answer Asked by V on March 01, 2021

Q: Hi Peter,

I had asked a couple of questions the other day but got a reply to just one of them so I will ask again.
For the US, I own two ETFs; ZSP (8%) and FTEC (8%). I have USD to add another 20% to the US part of my portfolio and would like 7-8 names to add on the current market weakness/rotation. I would appreciate if you could recommend a few stocks for growth 5-10 years at least, don't need dividends, medium to high risk. These names would be in my RRSP and margin account and buyable at current prices.
Thanks in advance.

Read Answer Asked by K on March 01, 2021

Q: We are in the process of transferring some under performing RRSP mutual funds to our self directed RRSP investment account. Our TSFA's have been maxed out with mostly growth oriented stocks. Presently, we have a smaller self directed RRSP with limited number of positions. With the transfer we will have a sizeable amount of money to reinvest in our RRSP accounts. Would it be advisable to mirror one of your model portfolios, or consider all the above positions and add accordingly?

Are there any of the listed companies you would suggest increasing positions on and any in which should not be added to at the present time?
Portfolio analytics
Shows we need to increase our exposure to International and US.
As well, do you have any ideas to increase exposure to: (Stocks or ETF's)
Basic material
Communication services
Consumer defensive
Health care
Real estate

Thanks Gord

Read Answer Asked by Gord on February 18, 2021

Q: My top holdings are:
GOOG 6.61%
AAPL 5.21%
AMZN 5.12%
NVDA 4.61%
V 4.23%
NPI 3.75%
WSP 3.58%
PBH 3.37%
XBB 3.21%
COST 3.1%
OHI 3.48 %
ENB 2.8%
JPM 2.72%

They make up 50% of my portfolio. I have 12% in cash. Would you add or reduce any of these positions? Long investment horizon(17 years). Iím over weight consumer cyclicals and FS (3% BMO and 3% BNS). Light industrials @7%.

Read Answer Asked by Don on February 17, 2021

Q: I have a target allocation of 40-45% for total portfolio US exposure. Which ETFs would you suggest (either currency) to form the core of this allocation? Could you also please provide a handful of individual US picks to supplement. Aiming for long term growth with 20+ yr time horizon. Thanks!

Read Answer Asked by Matthew on February 17, 2021

Q: i am currently over weight in U.S. high tech companies i would like lighten up and invest in some non tech U, S, companies with good growth prospects could you kindly
suggest several companies that i could look at thanx

Read Answer Asked by terrance on February 02, 2021

Q: Great and timely article yesterday on this "Phoenix market". With that in mind, which companies in the US manufacturing, health care, energy and technology industries would you be comfortable putting money into today with a 10 plus year hold with a medium/high risk tolerance? Are there any US names that you think should be full positions in the majority of such portfolios? Please feel free to deduct as many question credits as you deem appropriate.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on February 01, 2021

Q: Great article today re the "Phoenix Market". With that in mind, could you please suggest a US stock or two in each major industry sector that you feel is well positioned for growth in the next 5-10 years that you would nevertheless be comfortable stepping into today? (Even if just half a position) Please feel free to deduct the number of credits you deem appropriate.

Read Answer Asked by Patrick on January 28, 2021