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Review of Primo Water Corp

JUL 21, 2022 - Primo has continued to perform well in establishing itself as a recognized player in the water consumption space and we believe its focus on water and providing an environmentally friendly solution will help it get ahead and differentiate itself from its competitors. Rating maintained at 'B+'.

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Q: Just to clarify, 5i is selling all of ANRG and PRMW and LSPD from the portfolios.

ANRG and LSPD are at all time lows. So you're selling at the lows.

Prmw is bullish and moving higher and is near its high and you're selling that as well.

What happened to run with the winners and sell the losers (not at their low)?


Read Answer Asked by Sheldon on November 22, 2022

Q: Could I have your thoughts on JWEL please? Do expansion opportunities into the US (purchase of Nutrawise) change your previous coolness on the stock at all?

Are there other stocks in the sector you prefer?

Read Answer Asked by Dave on August 31, 2022
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