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Investment Q&A

Not investment advice or solicitation to buy/sell securities. Do your own due diligence and/or consult an advisor.

Q: Can you suggest public traded companies that focus on restoration after environmental events (i.e. fires, hurricanes and floods)?
Read Answer Asked by Danny on August 30, 2023
Q: Looking to get into the Nuclear sector, thoughts and any recommendations, US or can ? Thanks
Read Answer Asked by Paulette on February 09, 2023
Q: Can you suggest some pick and shovel ways of investing in the theme that a dramatic increase in atomic energy production is the only reasonable way to produce the electric power necessary to replace fossil fuels? i.e. producers or suppliers to producers other than uranium miners.
The theory is that wind and solar both have environmental negatives as well is seasonal and 24 hour availability issues that suggest there are limits to their contribution.
Secondly how, valid do you think the premise is?
Thanks, Hugh
Read Answer Asked by Hugh on July 05, 2022
Q: I have a small position in Bip.un and want to put more money into infrastructure. would you suggest now or later ? could you give me 2 names in ea country . Is there an ETF that would be better? (take more credits to give a complete answer.). Thanks for your work. Helen
Read Answer Asked by Helen on July 14, 2020
Q: Hello,

it has been a year since you last commented on Fluor. At the time, it was trading around $30 and had a healthy dividend yield but going through a transition that dropped its share price. Much more has changed recently, including suspension of the dividend May 1. It's now trading under $10.

I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on it now as a possible recovery play.

Appreciate your insights as always.
Read Answer Asked by Marc on May 07, 2020
Q: Hello Peter/Ryan,
I listed many names on the list in one question in order for other members benefiting from your advises as well. Feel free to deduct as many credits if it needs to be.

4-part questions:
1) Market rotation: Many solid consumer staples and industrial stocks went down significantly, what do you think of their directions in the next two years (I will get pay to wait if buy now) and what causing this downturn?
2) I list them in pair for long term hold over 5 years (pleas suggest a name that you like better)
FLR (Fluor-US) Industrials versus VEOEY/VEOEF (Veolia Env. ADR French) Environment-Water Treatment
DANONE ADR (French) versus Saputo
MDLZ (Mondelez -US) versus HSY (Hershey-US)/NSRGY (Nestle-CH Swiss co.)
KHC (Kraft Heinz-US) versus UL (unilever- UK)
PEP (Pepsi) versus KO (Coca cola)
3) Large international companies listed on US-OTC (over the counter) market instead of NYSE or NASDAQ to lower the listing cost and regulatory complexity of a stock exchange listing.
What to choose and ADR stock ticker ending with a Y (sponsored by a US Bank) or with a F (unsponsored) ? Why such a large price difference between them? In case of unsponsored ADR, how safe will it be time to sell the stock and time to get for the dividend declared.
In this case 52 weeks Low-High Veolia -VEOEY= 20.22 to 26.40 versus VEOEF = 19.50 to 26 (almost same dividend 1.03 versus 1.04)
4) Tax withholding:
Inside RRSP: none on US-UK co. shares and mostly 15% on European co. shares (anyway to get this back?)
Inside: TFSA: 15% in most cases (anyway to get this back)
Outside in investment account.

Thank you!
Read Answer Asked by Nhung on May 08, 2018
Q: Please provide your top 3 large cap US industrial stocks and your top 3 mid cap US industrial stocks.

Read Answer Asked by DONALD on February 26, 2018