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Q: My question is what is the new cost base for UTX, now RTX?
I held UTX and then it spun off Carrier and Otis. With these spin offs, I thought my cost base would be reduced for the spin off values for Carrier and Otis. But itrade and also Globe & Mail still show the original UTX cost base. 
I read that the spinoff and merger where to a non-taxable events.....or that's I took it.
Any information you can provide me to clarify this situation......Thanks.....Tom

Read Answer Asked by Tom on April 28, 2020

Q: Hello, my shares of UTX have just been converted into shares of CARR (14%), OTIS (22%) and RTX (64%) respectively. I do not want to have too many stocks in my portfolio, do you think it is ok to keep just one of these three companies? If yes, which one would you keep? Why? Thanks, Gervais

Read Answer Asked by Gervais on April 09, 2020
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