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Q: I have small holdings (1 1/2% to 2 1/2% of APTV (+24%)&TSLA(+12.6%) in my TFSA and DOCU(+18.6%), IDRV(+7.77%) & NVDA(+47.29%) in my cash ac over 7 month hold. Looking at adding some more USD and wondering if I should be adding to some of these or buying others. This would be a 3-5 year hold.
Take as many credits as you see fit.
PS: Thanks to you I am up 235% on shopify! Thanks for all you do.

Read Answer Asked by Bonnie on June 21, 2021

Q: Hi 5i,

I know you like TEAM and have been holding for a while (Thanks!). However, I'm beginning to worry that with CRM bulking up and trying to compete with MSFT in the enterprise collaboration space, that TEAM will start falling behind. Especially, as the other two do more and more acquisitions and bundling. Do you think that will be the case or do you think TEAM has still got good growth? I currently hold TEAM and MSFT. Should I continue to hold TEAM or maybe swap it out for CRM? (I also have ADBE and VEEV if that make any difference).


Read Answer Asked by Wayne on May 21, 2021
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