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Q: Hi Team,
Shop is falling again today despite earnings beats and price target increases across the board. Is it a good time to buy the shares from todays profit takers? Also in general do you see this market sell off sparked by the fitch downgrade of the US credit rating a buying opp? There has been some brutal sell offs over the last 2 days. Which names would you be looking to buy in this weakness? Thanks


Read Answer Asked by Shane on August 03, 2023

Q: hi, portfolio analytics says I am underweight basic materials, consumer defensive, healthcare and industrials. can you provide a few Canadian and US equities in each category, that you would consider for medium to long term investment.
cheers, chris ( take as many credits as you need ).
further, I am overweight in utilities ( 18.6% of total holdings ) and financials ( 25.5 %). do you recommend trimming these 2 sectors? and in financials I own BN and BAM ( which I would suspect actually have cross-over with other sectors? )??
cheers, chris

Read Answer Asked by chris on June 23, 2023

Q: Further to my earlier question regarding covered calls, can you please suggest some higher volatility US names that would be suitable. Your 2015 CMS article advises the use of companies with no debt and excess cash that are more volatile than the market. I would imagine this points mostly to mega cap tech names, but some diversity in the list would be appreciated. Thank-you.

Read Answer Asked by Stephen on June 07, 2023
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