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Q: 5i, What is the real truth on oil supplies?? I follow Eric Nuttall fairly close and he has claimed for the past year that oil reserves are way under what they need to be. He forecasts oil to be up for at least the next 6 years. His philosiphy is that Co. are commited to share buy backs and div. increases as opposed to future
capital expenditures. He goes so far as to say it really doesnt matter what the Saudis do long run.
On the other hand BNN reports this morning the Saudis will increase supply and oil market drops like a rock. Saudis deny report and oil back to 80 dollars. Two extreme views. What do you see as being correct.?? I feel oil and gas will be around a long time. At least until a replacement has been found. Thanks for opinion Ken

Read Answer Asked by Ken on November 23, 2022
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