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Q: My only oil/gas exposure is via the pipeline stocks listed. I am virtually at a break even point on PPL and up on TRP and ENB. I am thinking that some exposure to a oil producer is a good thing. I am thinking of selling PPL and using the proceeds to buy SU. Thoughts?

Read Answer Asked by Ken on January 21, 2022

Q: Hi team!

I've owned both SU and CNQ over the years and I have done well on both. It is my impression that when comparing these two, you tend to prefer SU over CNQ, but given SU's underperformance, dividend cut and operational issues, shouldn't CNQ be the preferred choice. CNQ has gone from about $10 during the pandemic crash to $66 while SU has gone from $16 to $36 because of the issues noted above. Suncor is cheaper, but maybe its cheaper for a reason. Operational issues are still a factor as recently as December and early January.


Read Answer Asked by Jason on January 21, 2022
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