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Q: Hello,
Back in 2015 I started a long-term position in SU, thinking at the time that it was a better choice than CNQ as it was more of an integrated producer.
Didn't really work out that way, but I have done OK and collected a decent yield along the way.
Now that you have added CNQ to your Income portfolio, do you see any value in selling a third to a half of my SU position, buying some CNQ and then continuing to hold both for income long-term?
Read Answer Asked by Roman on June 07, 2024
Q: Hi team. I'm ok with some risk and am 100% equities with an average 13% return per year over 10 years thanks to your team!!

Now my question. We sold an investment property with the plan to use the money to fund a new investment property which will be built in 3 this is my time frame. The money will be split between a TFSA & a taxable account, with the taxable account having about 75%.

What do you think if these for the TFSA - CSU, BN, SHOP and DOL?

These for the taxable - WSP, ENB, TFII, DSG, BNS, SU, ATD, BEPC, H, and a little more DOL?

Would you reorganize these between the 2 accounts? Alternatively, would you choose something else due to the timeframe?

Thanks a lot!
Read Answer Asked by Ian on June 07, 2024
Q: Hi, With addition of CNQ to Income portfolio, Energy Sector exposure will go up to 12.5% (ENB, PSI, PKI, CNQ and CPD). Balanced Portfolio currently has 7.6% in Energy ( ENB-3.6%, SU-4%). If you had cash, would you increase Energy weight to at least 10%+, Today and if so, will CNQ be your preferred name ?

Also, based on the Companies' financial strength and market dynamics of Energy sector, would you consider a combined weight of 15% ( CNQ, SU and ENB ) reasonable or excessive for a Moderate to High Risk profile investor ?

Thank You
Read Answer Asked by rajeev on June 03, 2024
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