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Review of Tricon Residential

OCT 21, 2021 - Tricon has proved its resiliency throughout the financial crisis of 2008 and transformed its business model into one that is well-diversified and is looking towards the future as it incorporates technology into the real estate industry. We are maintaining our ‘B+’ rating.

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Q: I want to add funds to my real estate holdings, as well as refine it for maximum sector diversification.

My current holdings are DIR.UN, EQIX, DLR, CAR.UN, GRT.UN

On my watchlist for this sector are TCN and CCI

Can I get your opinion on:

1) Are there any redundancies in my current holdings and if so, what could be sold?

2) Could you rank my current holdings for which to add to - first to last?

3) For proper sector diversification, would TCN and/or CCI be good additions? Or is there another real estate name you would suggest?

Thank you as always for your sage advice!


Read Answer Asked by Doris on January 05, 2022

Q: Hello again and thanks for your insights on AGNC, I think I will set that one aside for now. Searching the Q&A I have assembled this list of 4 companies for diversified exposure to residential and industrial real estate in Canada and the US (a bit of global with Prologis is appealing). In your opinion does this group provide complementary exposure? Can you suggest an addition to this list or is there one that you would remove?

Read Answer Asked by Barbara on December 23, 2021
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